What makes up a good planner?

Sujana O.
In my point of view, good planner is the one who takes each and every steps very carefully and seriously to achieve anything. S/he observes and analyzes everything in order to make an effective plan. S/he makes a sub- goals for their bigger goals. And make small small plan to achieve sub- goals and eventually the main goals.
Sanaya Q.
It should cover all parts in aspects of your life like Health relationship mental health wealth walk Karylle everything it should be easy to fill-in and easy to put in in terms of what is to be done next and it should give you some form of motivation to write whether that be in the form of colors are in the form of his convenience or in the form of a motivational quotes
Eagle S.
You should have a calendar to write events on, a to do list and daily planner to plan your day, habit trackers, a journal… You should also add things that are useful for you: maybe you want to write down your emotions every day, or decorate it with stickers to motivate you.
Mae N.
Firstly, they should have a CLEAR VISION – what they want, how they want it, within how much time they want it.
Secondly, when planning the vision, they should be able to build upon that goal. This means that they must look at the vision with their capabilities in mind and not overestimate themselves. They must be realistic with what they can do.
Thirdly, they must identify their weakness and any other thing that might interfere with them working towards the goal : for example, wasting time on social media and try their best to eradicate such hinderance. You can simply put the phone away while working on the task.
Fourthly , being consistent and disciplined is the most important aspect of achieving anything. Motivations comes later. Even when you slip, have the courage and discipline to rise again.
Lastly, reward yourself for every little step.
Brittany J.
Someone who schedules there day out and plans ahead for activities and so much more. Someone who stays organized and can do things throughout the day as planned
Mad N.
It depends on what your planning for. Work for example should be more extensive. I like a planner that is project based (broken down into baby steps) with a birds eye view and lots of notes.