What do you write about in your journal How often do you reflect on your your journal

Kristina Z.
I write whatever comes to my mind no matter how silly it seems. It could be something as simple as “i don’t know what to write about but i know i want to write something.” And then just observe and record. Other times I have songs in my head or great insights and I jot those down. I really keep my journal handy and write down anything that sticks out no matter how quirky it is. After all it’s only for my eyes!
Marin S Q.
I write my journal right when I wake up, so that my mind is fresh. I write what I’m feeling at that moment and just thoughts I have in general. I suggest writing in your journal everyday and reading through what you wrote at the end of every week, so that you can reflect on yourself and find ways to improve.
Elias Z.
I just started journaling and I write not more than a few sentences . I would like to be more eloquent and thoughtful on paper but that would be achieved as I would be writing more often..
Kristian S.
I write everything down. All my thoughts, hopes, dreams, inspirations and etc. It usually helps me just get my feelings all out rather than hold on to them.