What inspires you to keep journaling daily?

Zoe O.
I journal every morning because there are so many different ways to figure yourself out. In every journal prompt, there is a little part of you waiting to be found and discovered, and I keep aiming to uncover my true self every day. I also make the process very pleasing and comfortable so I feel motivated to journal.
Ray G.
I enjoy doing it honestly. If you don’t like doing something don’t do it is my advice 🙂 if you don’t feel inspired to journal try expressing and putting down your feelings into art or music! Find out whats right for YOU! That’s my advice man, you got this!
Aphiwe Z.
I keep journaling because i know it is beneficial for me in the future because when I look back i will be able to see how much I have grow as a person. Sometimes i feel lazy but it is better to have a schedule of journaling only.