Sometimes when I go to write, I get distracted by a phone call or distraction by a colleague. How to manage these distractions?

Linny P.
You can't really manage that. What you can do is either ignore them and stay focused on what you're doing, or you go to a place you can be alone and without your phone. Try leaving it in silence mode (or plane mode) and take it with you, then go to a place you can avoid other people (like the bathroom or a room people don't use much). Until you can have better control of your inner child (learned about that on stoic challenge) you will need to provide yourself with the perfect environment to become more productive.
Sofia A.
You can try going into ‘do not disturb’ mode on your phone just for your writing time. That way you have a greater chance of not being interrupted.
Tamisonel N.
I usually turned off my phone when I write. In reality, I put phone in the mode of undisturbed so that with call IDs and text message, I don’t miss any important call after I finished my writing.

In fact, you should let your family members to know when you don’t want them to be distracted when it is time you have to concentrate for writing.

Heleina R.
First of all, understand that you don't have to entertain everyone. Tell them clearly and firmly that you're busy for the next hour. Then put your phone on airplane / silent / do not disturb mode. As for other interruptions, go to a room with a lock. If you can't do that, wear earphones or headphones, even if you're not listening to music.
Sofie W.
It takes practice, unfortunately there's no short and simple answer. I'd say try and be more mindful of your distractions, identify them each time you find yourself being distracted. Then once you're aware of the distractions you can start to build up resistance. Try to stay focused next time you get a distraction and see how it goes, think of me motivating you to push through the distraction. It wont be perfect first try but at least putting the effort in is a big step to managing distractions. Think to yourself, is this important right now? Put your priorities straight and don't sway from them.
Kyle G.
Before I go to write, I try to communicate with anyone I am with that I’m going to go into another room to concentrate (if they ask what for and you don’t feel comfortable answering because of certain reasons I would gently let them know it’s something helpful for you and leave it at that). Then I would put my phone in airplane mode if you write on paper or computer. If you’re constantly getting calls, writing and putting your phone on silent may be more helpful for your writing progression to focus. When I journal on fabulous, I simply tell myself I will get back to said person-trying-to-contact-me later. Because this is important to me and if I give someone else my attention during this time I’m telling myself they’re more important than my own interests and intent. 🙂
Timothy W.
Writing is difficult to cultivate. I often find that I am more productive when I set out to write in the same spot each day.

Let the words flow out you. Journaling and practice writing are for you.

Elisa P.
I am distracted by things that happen suddenly and make me nervous, angry and miserable. It takes a long way to recover the ability to focus.