What things do you all write about? What seems major in your life when you write?

Nisha T.
Well what matters the most is being able to achieve all my goals and being able to keep it up with my schedule and not do out of balance and also keep in reminder of it
Jessika U.
I usually write about my day and what happened. More like a recollection of the day’s activities, however mundane they were. I also at the end like to write a few bullet points about what I’m grateful for, what I have achieved that’s good on that day, and any extra reflections on things (ie my priorities, my goals, I might write a little check list of things I need to do). What seems major for me when I write is the big things that affect me, that affect the way I function throughout the day, my happiness, my levels of productivity.
Haifa B.
Myself, my relationship with myself. Things I like and don’t like. My relationship with my family, friends and people. Things I like about myself. Situations bothering me. Things that make me happy. Things I am aiming and would like to have and achieve. My futrue.
Brandie U.
I like to write about a daily overview of my day, how things went, what I expected, what I could improve. I like to make lists as well I.e hobbies, books, movies, goals, etc. Sometimes I like to analyse how I honestly feel and why
Abigail N.
I write whatever comes to mind. My thoughts tend to be very sporadic and fleeting so they’re only in my head for a few minutes before I forget. I’m a senior in high school so nothing major happens in my life unless you count preparing for final exams.
Anna Y.
I think lately I write a lot about the people in my life and my conversations and relationships with them, it really helps me sort out my feelings, appreciate more, and focus clearly on finding the right words when I do talk to them next. Like with my fiancé were stuck apart because of COVID travel restrictions and he has a high stress job working for the NHS, and we totally completely rely on communication to properly be in each other’s lives, just to even be there for each other. After losing my mom right before Christmas it got really difficult to communicate with anyone, I could go a whole day saying 5 words to anyone especially working from home. But since I started writing more, and studying again it’s helped so much and even my fiancé has noticed and it’s helped him as well and that’s so so important to me. Its a valuable tool to help understand yourself and improve your relationship with yourself and others.
Camila I.
Mostly is about my day, or the last day, my thoughts and facts, what happened or what's going to happen and who I'm in the middle of all this.

Don't know if something feels major. For me is the opposite maybe, just feels as it is, which is very important once anxiety is a real thing for me. And come back to reality even through my imagination, come back to the present by being with myself translating thoughts and reflexions into words without judgment helps me a lot. It's an essential moment of my daily life now.

Sam S.
I write about my day and what's on my mind. There are days on the weekend when I write in the morning to clear my mind and figure out my emotions.
Maddy E.
I have 3 notebooks.
Notebook 1 is my personal
Notebook 2 is my schedule
Notebook 3 is my monthly kind of looking back on the month.
Cienna W.
I usually write about family and the stress of trying to move out and go to school. The major thing I write about is how im feeling and how i always put others first, for once I want to be able to put myself above others and not feel guilty like it's a bad thing.
Liza T.
I write about what is going on in my life and I try to be as honest as I can. I look forward to journaling helping me to get healing.
Olivia P.
I write about a lot of different things because I’ve kept a journal on and off for years. For their prompts, I just try to stay in the moment. But when I journal, it’s most helpful to me to vent or ramble a bit and get it off my chest. Sometimes I have a lot on my mind and I don’t know where to focus, so I make a bullet-point list of everything and then one usually jumps off the page for me to dive into.
Cassie T.
I often think how my life could be different if I were in different circumstances or if I could just change myself or have different friends. I usually end up talking myself around to being appreciative of where and who I am.
Eliott Y.
I keep it to a simple formula that works for me. I write thankfully about a success I had during the day, and on the other hand I challenge myself to improve on something that I wasn’t so happy with without being negative or framing it as a failure.