How do you write your journal?

Noah T.
I don’t let the method of journaling stop me: I write wherever I can place my thoughts in at the moment I need to. I could be writing in a physical journal, a digital journal, my Notes app, anywhere I can place my thoughts or reminders or troubles in. Just get it out of your head!
Rouven Y.
I have a nice pen and a pretty journal. I talk about my day anything exciting or anything I want to get off my mind and I make sure to end by listing 3 things I’m grateful for.
Isaiah G.
I write my present situation, my responsibility towards my dear once, my present aim my priorities, i brainstorm anything coming in mind & my to do list.Think about the action I should take if any problem I am facing
Madeline Q.
Each morning I sit down with my coffee. The room is quiet except for the clock ticking and the hum of the cars in the road outside.

I pick up my journal and write what I am grateful for and what the weather is and how I am proceeding that morning.

Rossmariel C.
I don’t have like a very “strict journal” , I like to have a small notebook where I write what I am grateful for everyday, I also write about my thoughts , or how I am feeling in a certain moment of the day.
June W.
There are many ways yo can do this. Some are 1) in the evening you can write what you felt and did during the day. 2) in the morning you can write down what you want to feel do and be for others during the day, etc. You can do both if you want to plan and recap your day
Tracy U.
I’m currently using the Jour app since I’m trying out different journaling app(and all of them are so expensive >~<) It asks questions such as how I feel and I just answer them.
Olivia F.
This is something I’m working on. I don’t like to write because I look at it the next day and beat myself up for it. I like this app because don’t have to do that. This is helping me to come out of my writing shell.
Fabiel P.
I have to books, in the first one I write my thoughts and learning process. And the other one I use it to plan my week, write some motivations, to write grateful and to keep track of my habits.
Cari U.
I answer it with whatever comes to my mind. I try to spend time reflecting, but I don’t bring it to the point I stress myself out over it.
Joann F.
I take my time. Consider what’s on my mind or my opinion on the prompt. Then I write down my thoughts in the most concise manner making sure that I make my point.