Yes, how can I write effective journal entries and use these entries for self improvement?

Gustav C.
Writing first thing in the morning is really good for capturing emotions. I’ve used a framework that goes like this (1) what emotion am I feeling right now? It’s usually in response to a circumstance or situation. Then (2) I practice gratitude and write out things I’m grateful for. This crowds out the negativity that I might be feeling. (3) then I ask myself, how do I want to feel? So going back to 1, I think about what I would like to be feeling and usually these are more positive. (4) now that I’ve defined what I want to feel, then I put in the actions that I need to do to maintain that feeling.

I also have a reminder in the fabulous app to re-read the morning journal entries around 1:30p every day.

Julia Cameron is a great resource about morning pages. She wrote the Artist’s Way.

Renee F.
Thoroughly engaging with a prompt is very helpful for digging deeper. When recollecting an event or habit. Dig deeper – ask who what where how why. Turn inward always reflect more on your actions, feelings, reactions, and thoughts more than that of others.