Yes, once you have done some journalling. What do you do with it all. How do you put it into something meaningful you can share with family or friends. Like a story book perhaps?

Kari S.
I don't write in my journal with the intention that anyone is going to read it. These are my struggles, fears, insecurities, triumphs, joys, failures. They are my private thoughts. Someday when I'm dead and gone someone might find my journals and read them. But I don't write for them. I write for me. Alternatively, I create scraps with photos and memories that I create specifically with the intention of being shared viewed and loved by my family and friends. I guess those scraps are the journal I make for an audience.
Tabea R.
Decide for yourself weither you want to share the content with someone or not. Maybe it helps you to just talk about it with a loved one. It's also ok to just keep it a secret. It doesn't have to me public, it just helps you to bring order into your thoughts.