Is journaling something we should do every day, or only if we need it?

Sen Sen Fiefie N.
I think either is ok. If you want something you can reflect upon and perhaps learn patterns from and save as a souvenir of the good old days that you can look at when you’re older, I would recommend doing a daily journal. However, I think the true magic in a journal really comes into play when it’s the days when your heart is conflicted and you don’t even know what you think. Writing out your thoughts can help clear the fog. Daily journals do this as well, so either one is completely ok!
Manraj N.
I’ve been journaling for a month and so and my experience shows that it doesn’t have to be everyday it can be for very important such as having to track down loads of information and it really is fine if you miss a few days and yes you can if you want to but everyone has there own preference on what they think is good for them so my answer is no it’s doesn’t have to be everyday and no it doesn't have to be permanently if any of you were wondering 😁
Lucas C.
I do everyday to include everything I can think of, I tend to forget some things I did in the past days if I skip a day.
Tracy L.
Every day. It’s like mental tooth brushing. I just journalled a long time, so not now. I’m irritated that this app is always trying to up sell me.