Where do you sit while you wrote in your journal?

Melanie U.
I like to sit at my creative desk in my bedroom to write my thoughts and findings.

I think it’s important to create or find a space that you feel fully comfortable in. By doing so, it helps keep you centered and in-tune with yourself.

Samantha S.
Well, I just started fabulous after COVID-19 forced me to start working from home. Because I've been working from home long term, we've upgraded a room that we used to use for storing junk into a work space for me.

I've been writing in my journal in my new workspace every morning before I start working. I find it very peaceful and it helps get me excited about my day.

Unfortunately, after we return to work as normal, I'm not sure when or where I will do any journaling. I would have to get up earlier to do it in the morning (something I find very difficult), or I could do it at night before I go to bed.

Either way, I'm happy with my current set up and I will try to figure out a solution. Journaling is a surprisingly energizing way for me to start the day.

Nevaeh P.
My absolute favorite place is usually the bedroom, it seems to be the place where I am most comfortable. But any place that's quite and a little chilly!
Quin N.
I sit at my desk in my room while I write in my journal. I like having a flat surface to write on and I also like to make each page sort of pretty. Finally, I know this is not part of your question, but I enjoy writing in my journal with colorful pens.
Lo S Q.
so i actually kneel on the side of my bed and use my mattress like a desk. the best way i could describe it as if someone is kneeling and praying by their bed but instead of praying – writing in my journal. it’s a funny thing i started recently but have come to enjoy journaling this way!!
Allison G.
I often write in bed, but I like to sit on the floor of the balcony and drink some tea while I think about my day. Or even at the desk, I work from home so it is convenient