What does one do about writer’s block?

Guenther F.
Try setting up a daily time for writing. Do something that contributes to your writing *whether you feel like it or not*. And remember: reading, outlining, revising, editing—these all count as part of the writing process!
Daniel E.
Insead oc looking at the paper, look UP and look AROUND and ideas will come into your head and then write the Few things that come into your head, don't worry if you don't have a lot to write at first. This is another Muscle that you have to Train Each day in order to get better at it! Hope this helps!
Carl B.
Meet people, be active, do something new. Put the writing away for a few hours, do sports, walk in the nature, find inspiration in letting go
Andy Z.
I have this handy book that helps get the creative juices going. It is called the playful way to serious writing by Roberta Allen. It contains photos and writing prompts. I also think about my stories before I fall asleep and wake up with ideas. If I am writing about a marriage breaking up, and I haven’t been divorced, I think about relationships that broke up and write my feelings from that. We all have experience to draw from.
Andreas Z.
Write anyway. As an artist, I can’t wait for inspiration, I just have to work. Habits and routines are “cues” that the next thing that is supposed to happen, will happen. It takes practice. Much like how a doctor practices medicine, or a mechanic practices repairs, writing/art, just takes practice. If you want to be a writer, practice being a writer until you are one. Inspiration will show up when you do. *Wink* Ooo, I should practice getting paid for art! Thoughts become things, right? Buying my kids artwork maybe a good karmaic place to start.