What do you find most helpful/inspiring/… about journaling?

Emily U.
TLDR: it clears your mind and gives you direction.

You know those thoughts in your head? The ones that fly around chaotically and prevent you from falling asleep at night? The voice in your head that keeps bringing up the same sh**? Well, take the time to sit and just write all that stuff down. Create a list of all the “things” or categories of things on your mind. After you write it all down just take a moment to look at the list. Try not to think about what the words say, just look at it objectively: a piece of paper with scribbles one it. How does that feel? Now you can one by one go through the list and expand on these things. Are they worries? Fears? Ruminations? Desires? Now ask yourself, what can I do about this? If you can’t do anything, then you are wasting your life thinking about it. If you can do something, and aren’t, then YOU are holding yourself back. These repetitive thoughts are like messengers at the door of your life, stop being afraid to open the door and see what they have to say. Who knows, you might become a Mormon! (That’s a joke.)

Good luck.

Roxanne T.
It helps me gather my thoughts, especially when I am feeling depressed and anxious. Just writing down everything that’s going on in my head, making plans, and then decorating the page, gives me a clearer picture of what’s in my life and in my head at the moment.