Do you write more about day things or more about how you feel or your thoughts?

S Ren G.
As for journal writing…it really depends for me, on the day! Often, if it's been quite a challenging day, I'll try to write about and acknowledge my immediate feelings, then consider something amazing which has happened (even if small), and write about that. Whether that is from that very same day, or another. I tend to keep a few letters to myself from really great days, like snapshots in time. This helps too. Remember that it's the ordinary things in life which can be extraordinary. 🙂
Alkali Y.
It depends, if I had more big emotions (such as a bad moment or existential crisis), then I'll write more about feelings and thoughts. But otherwise it'll be more about stuff that happened during the day
Jen N.
Actually write more of my thoughts and feelings and then add some about the day but mostly it’s how I’m feeling and what I’m going through just to get it off my chest thanks for asking
Barbara C.
I’ve done different things in different times in my life. I find now that my planner usually takes care of remembering what I’ve “done.”

I’ll write my rose (a good thing that happened), my thorn (a challenging thing), and my bud (a thing I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Then, I’ll write three things I’m grateful for (usually person, thing, opportunity). Then I’ll write whatever I’m proud of myself for doing that day.

Rochelle Q.
Yes I write about my thoughts and other things and I also write new songs unknown people and tragic losses of famous people and other people
Zuzana B.
I use the Youper app to identify my actual emotion and the factors leading to it. Depending on my current state of mind I either stop after this or I continue by choosing one of the other options, like e.g. gratefulness, mindfulness or setting my intentions for the next 24 hours. It's been also helpful for troubleshooting when the negative emotions appear and I have learned new cognitive behavioural ideas from it. I like it because I don't have to spend too much time to get some benefits of journaling, if I don't feel like it, so it's sustainable for me. Most of this can also be done in a non-digital manner, if you prefer writing your journal by hand.
Leon J.
I usually write about my feelings and thoughts and describe the day things only as much as necessary to provide context.
Michelle R.
It depends on what's on my mind! Usually this is more about my thoughts since my goal is to further insight, and learn to recognize negative cognitions that fuel negative coping habits.