How does writing make you feel?

Reinald Q.
I'm struggling with hand writing in a journal right now, because of the labor intensive study sessions that I had to preform in order to learn things for school.

I usually can type something in digital journals, but they are generally short to almost nonexi3

Sibylle F.
It depends on what I am writing for. If I am working on something for my thesis or an assignment for a class that I like on a topic that I am passionate about, I enjoy writing. However, if I am writing about something I am disinterested in, whether it be personal, business, or for a professional reason writing becomes a chore that I have no interest in doing.
Carl J.
Honestly I thought oh dear Christ a journal?! What are we Freshman, but I’ve really been enjoying expressing myself and writing down my thoughts!! To sum it up it makes me feel good and accomplished!