Does, anyone else, sometimes get the feeling of cant be bothered or mood changes? The other day I had a dark cloud over my head and I couldn’t be bothered and that has off balanced the rest of the week.

Stephanie F.
Yes. It is often worse one day. Lately I’ve been on a roller coaster emotionally due to being quarantined. This app has helped me focus and push through it at least get through those days. Staying distracted helps me. Hard to do when you don’t care though. It’s tough. Just know it will get better.
Christoffer Z.
I get those all of the time. You really have to think super rational and explain all of those emotions. Talk to someone about them or just say them out loud. And as soon as you get on top of them you will automatically feel better.
Sacha N.
Yes! But I would say they have not lasted the whole week. Luckily I have managed to control the mood swings with the help of the meditation on this app. However I am starting to notice the toll this self isolating it taking on me mentally.
Blaine C.
Remember that the clouds are never permanent. Like the app Headspace taught me: the blue sky is always there behind the clouds, even if we can't see it. Sometimes we just have to patiently wait for the clouds to leave. There will be other days to excel and get more done, but there will be cloudy days too, and it's OK to just accept yourself as you are on those days.
Elias C.
All the time. Struggling with the dark clouds is an ongoing battle for me, but writing in my journal (or on whatever paper I may have handy) can often help to give me perspective or to even open the curtain of darkness that makes it feel pointless. Some days I will even write that I have nothing to write about. Sometimes it’s just a single word saying “nothing.” Other times in able to let it pour out, detailing the nothing. And eventually the clouds pull away, but I’m never a perfectly sunshiney sort of person… so I never wait for sunshiny days.
Domniki X.
Mi amigo, i dont know what kind of advise i would give for that, since im always falling myself in the same situation too…
It is important to restart. I think falling is acceptable. Its a part of life. You are no robot, you do try to have your life in order, but you do that for YOURSELF and in order to conquer your goals. So, its ok if it takes time, its okay if you fall some couple of times. This will happen, things always change and move forward. Try to be honest with yourself and to ask questions. Dont be too cruel, but admit your falls, and find the strength to put your self in order, as many times as it takes. I guess REAL change takes time, nobody says how much for you. Keep walking, i am right behind you, always.
Kj F.
If you wrote this du ring this pandemic then I can understand why you are feeling this way. I think what you need is some "me time". Wake up earlier than other family/friends and just not worry about anything. Or you can go on a walk or a car ride by yourself and enjoy the quiet. Overall do something you love and be more mindful when you speak to others.