How do you journal everyday?

Nathan Q.
Journaling each day can be daunting, especially at first. Sometimes you want to capture all that happened in a day, or all the feelings you experienced, or both! Sometimes it seems like nothing remarkable happened at all. Digital journals/apps have their place (e.g. photo capture, more quickly record entries) but I’ve found for daily journal keeping a small (3”x4”) works great. Pages are small enough you don’t stress about filling them. If a lot happened, or you practice cursive like I do sometimes, you can take up another page. Be sure to take time to go back and read entries from the past. The growth you see in yourself can be encouraging. It will help you solve problems with an eye to looking back, so hopefully they aren’t always problems you struggle with.
Araci F.
As many different ways as possible –
1. 365 day Stoic journal
2. Perspective App
3. In a standard notebook
4. In my day to day diary