How do stay consistent?

Frida S.
This is always the struggle after succeeding for quite a time. Sometimes you just gotta push yourself. But this wont help all the time. Sometimes, when your consistency starts to faint, maybe there is something changing. It might be a weekend after a long and stressful week, on which you can finally do the things you want to do, it might even be vacation. Sometimes, your aspiring habits might become harder to keep up with after some time. And if you gotta push yourself every day with lots of energy to do those things, maybe you should go a little easier on yourself. Try to make your habits simpler to fulfill and dont overdo it. When the habit becomes more natural to complete, you can go back to normal again and see if it is better now to keep consistent.
Bianca Z.
Well, i set alarms to remember usually and also use sticky notes in a place where i can see, also when i really want to complete the challenge i remember to do it, sometimes i dont have time so i di it at night
Miss N.
Try setting a reminder; I usually set reminders on TimeTree to remind me a few days a week. I hope this helps. Have a fabulous day!