Why did you take this challenge? Has it helped you to achieve what you wanted? :)

Liyana L.
Cause i have nothing to look forward to in life. This is the closest I get to stay sane. Has it helped me to achieve what I wanted? I just started. The pattern here is all about habit.

Moneri G.
I would like to become a productive person in both my relationships with others as well as in my professional life. I realized I had a lot of bad habits that I needed to overcome. While I am not yet there – Fabulous has become that accountability partner and mentor that I never had and she has set me on course to become who I would truly like to be.

Danielle C.
I started this about a month ago because I felt like I had little control on my life and I tended to be a 1000% or nothing kind of person. I forced myself to take baby steps that the journey brought me on and I find habits are sticking longer and I'm feeling much more grounded in my routines.

Debbie G.
Yes I believe it has. I wantef something in my life to help me get back on course. I believe this challenge has done that.

Ale T.
Yes. I started meditating with the voice on, as I'm a beginner. It's difficult to focus at first, but you learn soon and it starts to make you more fresh everytime after finishing 🙂

Mattie W.
I love to help my inner self to improve, I want to be more positive, happy and effective during my life. I have lots of big dreams and I know that if I want to reach all of them I have to be

Austrelino S.
I decided to take this challenge to make myself a better person. I wanted to be the person who’s life was organized and was completely fine without stress or worries. It’s day 3 of the challenge and I am feeling those changes. I love how I get to know myself better with my new routine.

Victor P.
Decide, act, refine ,change and moving on. Taking up this challenge empowered me to carry out the above acts. I believe evolution begin with small acts. Acts with clear purpose and outcomes that might help me to become a better me.

Sahin F.
I had problems with anxiety and depression and wanted to try other things before medication. I’ve not done it a full week yet so I don’t know if it will help or not

Tatiana F.
I have been trying to move on from my relationship. I am an initiator of this break up and I am trying to be strong enough to go through this.
I fail this challenge every now and then. Because I am a human but I start again and each day brings me hope that I can make it

Clara O.
I want something to push myself and keep on doing. I want to change my lifestyle. I always now start with drinking water. Next I want to focus on exercising everyday.

Natalie E.
i wanted to take this challenge so it could distract me from my just ended relationship. i wanted to be able to help myself. i’m not sure if it’s helping, but i hope that with time, i am able to improve my self while healing.

Charlotte S.
I took on this challenge to try and make my day more purposeful. I felt that if I had a few solid routines in place, especially in the morning I could achieve this and feel more grounded. And yes it absolutely has helped me to achieve what I wanted! As soon as I wake up now I have an idea of at least what the first thing I'm going to do is (drink some water!) and last thing before bed I write 3 things I am grateful for which helps me to frame the day positively. Overall I would say I am getting more done in the day and am managing not to fall back into a spiral of staying in bed late then going down and laying on the sofa with no purpose or drive. On days where I feel less certain of what to do I can use the routine to check back with and re focus.

Why Q.
I don't know exactly which challenge but, accepting a challenge and actually DOING IT always proves that you do have much more potential to do or become greater in whatsoever way you think you cant.
Between you and a new challenge you never did is only self doubt!
And once you take the challenge you will soon realise you have far greater potential to achive greater things and only you are the reason to limit yourself to go beyond your limit not other people.
What you Believe about you is more important that what you think Other think of you.

And the sad truth or a great news; depends on how you take it, People are busy worrying about how you think about them, so dont worry about them cuz they themself doesn't have time to worry about you. 😁

Warren T.
I started this challenge to stop procrastinating and to love myself more. Now I'm more organized, I take care of me but I still have a long way to go.

Claude U.
Well, I'm slowly getting steady da by day. I've not achieved it yet,but feeling good till now.I need more time to change.

Varshini Q.
I have taken up this gratitude challenge because I have always heard that gratitude is the one most important quality that every human being must have and with gratitude I find lot of peace wherever I am at in my life.

Courtney J.
I love TheProteinChef.co for healthy recipes. There’s some protein packed egg muffins you can make the night before and just warm them up in the microwave. As far as a go to.. coco wheats, 1 egg and some egg whites with some cheese, a bagel, English muffins with honey and a little butter, cereal, a fruit smoothie with low fat vanilla Greek yogurt and a scoop of vanilla protein powder; i don’t really have a go-to. I love food too much. 🤪

Bobby S.
I wanted to take this challenge because I want to become healthier and fit. I also want to incorporate some sort of movement in my day since I am a student I sit down for the majority of the day. This challenge makes me feel happier and healthier.

Alan J.
I took this challenge because I want to improve my health, my mind. And yes it helped me achieve what I want. Still a part of it

Lianna Z.
Well , I guess it started when the only things i thought i was :I am Julianna the burden the failure the lazy girl . And so i thought “you could be more Than this !” I wanted to make my family proud . I don’t wanna be the depress shy girl I wanna Be The smart confident beautiful and kind young lady. I think that started it that’s motivated me t

Beck Z.
Dealing with my anxiety has become a lot harder for my with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the restrictions. I took this challenge to remind myself that even in a crisis there can be good things that come from it. It's definitely helping me get there 🙂

Asta U.
i decided to start this challenge because i decided i needed a change and i wanted to be more mindfully aware so i decided that what not a better way to do that by keeping track of it all on an app

Lianna Z.
As I take my journey I try to push myself far enough to get to my goal. I am still trying to achieve my goal, I hope this helped. 🙂

Carly P.
Not yet, I want to be more aware of my emotions, which I am, and I have noticed some patterns, but I still don't know how to change those patterns. Some things are out of my control and I'm struggling to change how I feel about them, I know it will take time.

Kristina C.
I dont know what challenge this is referring to, sorry. But mostly I've been managing to do some of my more difficult habits more easily as they become habits rather than shoulds

Rene U.
It really did help me alot eventhough I procrastinated abit but still manage to do it 😁 Hope the bad habit reduces as I go through my journey 😊

Guy Z.
Yes of course and reflection now would bring nothing but mixed feelings to me because growth comes in both pain and joy.

Debbie C.
I took this challenge because I felt like I was missing out on so much good in my life by focusing on what needed fixed or what needed done, taking a critical view of everything around me. And I definitely still think that way a lot! But every now and then I catch myself noticing something beautiful or appreciating someone in my life and I think that's in part due to this habit.

Lorraine F.
This challenge has opened my eyes to put in place simple steps and tasks to reach my goals far more easily. With these tasks in place I guide myself to form positive habits that will not only achieve the things I dream of but also will last me a lifetime. Good luck on your journey 😊

Lianna Z.
Yes, it gives me the encouragement I need in my daily routine. I needed a major change in my life and the app helps me organise my activities:)

Steph N.
It aligns with my values so I'm more likely to do it. Its a healthy habit to add to my day without being overwhelming. I had started it a while ago and stopped just because of laziness and feeling like I wasn't seeing an improvement. But a journey is never just a straight line which is hard to remember when you want to see progress or show yourself that it is working.

Lory F.
I took this challenge because as humans we have one primary objective in order to reach self actualization:growth. And any thing is this world can serve as a teacher or a mirror as long as you wish to choose to view it that way. I am on a journey for my personal legend.

Auguste Y.
Not yet I want to be more powerful and want to have a very particular day routine, because I am about to start my small startup business I must learn good habits to keep me healthy and strong

Lea Z.
Well yes it has, ive started to feel grateful for the things I have in my life. Reading makes me learn new words and increases my grammar. Lastly water helps me stay hydrated and it sort of makes me feel okay.

Tala N.
I've tried to take upon myself this challenge to "make myself better", to somehow develop my mind in more a healthy way.
Until now I dont think that a lot has been changed, and I haven't been affected as I expected myself to be from this challenge

Nikita P.
It is giving me something to focus on and I have a set routine in the morning. I still have a way to go but I am feeling better each day x

Bill Z.
Because summer is coming and I am sick of being insecure in every holiday even tho I am still slim according to my age and height. Instead of stopping eating, exercising is much much better.

Refilwe Z.
I was always tired and felt I should change that. Was not looking forward to my day or excited about anything because I constantly had to keep up with my day and was not being in control of it.
Now in passed 3 days i feel more energized and ready for the day.

Marie Z.
I took on this challenge to help me stay longer in the moment and to appreciate time and understanding of the world, my thoughts and nature

Julie A.
I think being able to achieve something small makes a big difference on my overall attitude towards setting goals. Setting small realistic goals like drinking water teaches: 1. That I am able to accomplish goals I set and 2. Overall Good Habits.
It gives me a sense of confidence in myself; Hope that I can accomplish the goals I set. Also staying hydrated early in the morning woke me up quicker and I noticed it makes me more likely to eat breakfast as if it wakes up my stomach for the day! Lol

Maggie Z.
Definitely. It’s helped with focus and just reminding me I need to go deep to get things to work well to be in tune to experience flow. It’s helped to get major projects rolling for sure.

Barbara S.
Your App kept eaning out on advertisements and ads, so I installed it to help myself and see if it was achieving any goals and whether it was yielding results. Let's just say I'm happy with the app and my current habits with this app. I sincerely hope that these habits will remain my habits forever. That's it from me, the app is great and on Google Play apps it's rated five stars by me.

Micah C.
I took this challenge to help me see all the things I have that I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't take time to think about it. It honestly makes me happier.