Do you take a moment specifically to be grateful or are you grateful through out the day for the small events that happen?

Ernst Otto X.
I have not felt very blessed or grateful for some time now for many reasons…I feel as though I either hit rock bottom or had a break down. If that makes sense? I have taken charge of my life and am taking the time to be grateful for everything. Thank you for the question xo

Patrick P.
I start the day with listing constants for which I’m grateful. Throughout the course of a day, however, I try to be mindful and expressive enough to be thankful/appreciative/grateful for the people present and events that transpire.

Chris O.
I need to be more grateful throughout the day as i feel like i spend everyday upset and not grateful. I need to be grateful for both good and bad as the bad is what helps get to the good.

Jen O.
I take time each evening to reflect on the day and choose one thing that I am grateful for and then record it in my journal so that at the end of each month I can look back over each day and see everything that I have appreciated in my life over that time.