Can you practice gratitude without religion?

Domniki X.
Of course.
The way i see it, practising gratitude is about actually recognising the good parts of your day, all the blessings that you have and probably ignore.
A the little things that so many of us take for granted. People always complain about what they dont have, and never take a moment to actually see and appreciate what is here for them, right now.
I think that is what practising gratitude through this app is about, training your brain to actually focus and recognise the positives of your day and life.
Its about learning to be a happier person.
Sana N.
I think you should keep your religion aside, you don't need religion to practice gratitude you just need inner peace and believe in humanity that's all .
Lolo N.
Yes of course gratitude is not always related to religion it’s just about how you are grateful in your life and what are the things you are grateful for 💜
Nicoline C.
I think you can practice gratitude without religion cause it doesn’t matter if you have a religion or not gratitude can be done
Lucia T.
I do it every single day. I don’t know to who or what I am being grateful to, but if there is something out there I am mostly thankful for winning the lottery ticket of a beautiful healthy life!!!
Cam V.
Of course! Gratitude simply requires presence and awareness. The mindful reflection and expression of appreciation for whatever is or has happened.
Daniele P.
Sure, I thank destiny or whatever people call it (not gods) for the life I have, the people I know and the luck I have everyday
Petula Y.
You can definitely practice gratitude without religion. A good example is the law of attraction: whatever we put into the universe comes back to us. So, I believe, if we're positive and thankful (grateful) for our blessings, regardless of where you think they came from, then you will see and feel the rewards. This doesn't mean everything will be perfect or work out ideally, but it enhances a positive mindset.
Bianca O.
Yes. Gratitude doesnt necessarily mean thanking someone or something for the good in your life. Gratitude is being thankful that it's there, appreciating it acknowledging it, and recognizing how lucky you are to have it.
Rebecca T.
Absolutely! Religion is not required to see wonder and awe in the universe, and appreciate the strange yet uniquely special events always occurring around us.
Jennifer S.
Yes absolutely. Gratitude is a feeling for someone and things around you. It’s your world and the things in it that make you happy.