What difference do you experience about you and/or your life (different aspects of it) now that you practice being grateful?

Gabrielle E.
That I’m not better than anyone of course but I’m coming alone way from where I started in that right there shows I’m becoming a better person

Eugenia F.
Unfortunately still none or very subtle. I also practice meditations now, and daily achievement mindfulness, and compassion practices. After a week, these four gave me a little more self-esteem and reduced arguments in my family.

Jovina Q.
Gives me a feeling of peace and fulfilment, that all troubles and strenght put into my everyday life wasn't in vain. Helps me remember that I actually have a beautiful life with problems just like others do.

Alyssa O.
I have noticed that no matter how crummy of a day I have had the action of searching for 3 positive things that I am grateful for, no matter how small, changes my perspective at the end of the day so that I can go to bed feeling happy instead of feeling like I had a bad day.

Joey Z.
I had already expected that practicing gratitude would improve my relationship with myself and with others, but what is most revealing since I have started is that in my day I feel less dense and pessimistic and more light and positive!