When you are down in tje dumps, angry, resentful, etc., it is so hard to be grateful and see good… what are some quick fixes to get out of a funk/stinkin’ thinkin’?

S L Ne Z.
Be grateful for the smallest things that you do have and that are going right, like your health, having food to eat, a place to live, a phone to use, the internet, friends, loved ones, sunshine, fresh air! True gratitude lays in appreciating the most basic things in life, not the big stuff.
Jonathan U.
Honestly, I work hard to stay present, be aware of my moods, my triggers, what is making me feel angry, etc. I'll write about it, call a trusted friend, and then consciously shift the focus to what is going well, or something I appreciate. It always works…
Francisco J.
Normally I tell myself that I choose how I feel. Then the questions and answers start in my head. At some stage I tell myself that my anger doesn't hurt them, but only me. Now how can I change my mood/thinking/feeling? I sit down at my desk, breathe a few times. Breathe until my belly pops out, breathe out. Breathe in the goodness, breathe out the bullshit. Close my eyes and go to my *happy place". Everybody must have a happy place. That moment when you feel your are in content. When you experience that moment, you must remind yourself how you felt at that moment. That wanted/needed/loved/laughter moment. Go back to that moment and feel the warmth.
The person that made you feel bad is probably having a bad day. Like we all have someday or the other.