How does being grateful help with depression?

Favoured T.
Being grateful helps one to take their minds away from negative thoughts that hinder self development and progression and focuses on the positive aspect of life, humanity, environment, etc. thus providing a deeper appreciation of the world around us and how we can positively influence it, vice versa.

Ashleigh Z.
It helps us to see the world with a different pair of eyes. It helps us to be thankful for the things we have when it's tough and feel we can only see the negative. It reminds us of the positive.

Lina C.
When you find anything at all to be grateful for to feel gratitude you start feeling just a little bit better, it’s like a muscle that needs training. First it’s hard, but you can start simply by being grateful for your body, for your eye, ears, legs (whatever is working well and serves your processes); then you live in to family members, roof over your head, your watch / car etc; then you move on to feelings – being in love, watching the sunrise etc. these are just examples to every person they are dif

Sun J U.
it shifts the perspective in my daily life. it literally changes the manuscript of which i am practising every day, when words become actions that represents how i feel about my life and my situation.

Elena S.
I did not believe the method when my psychotherapist recommended it to me. I failed the first attempt as it made me think I have nothing to thank for. But in a few weeks the psychotherapist insisted that I need to try again. And in 3 days of being grateful I started to notice all the good things. Life is completely different from another point of view. Good luck!

Mindfully C.
It helps focus the mind on the positive instead of negatively evaluating the present and hurts that have come in the past.

Nicol S O.
I'm not a depressed person, but I've been for some struggles lately and it's really difficult to see the "positive way" of things.
I'd recommend to start realizing that you have the basics like food, a place to sleep, etc and be grateful for it. Acknowledge it. That's a great first step.

Becca Y.
By taking time out of every day to realize the things I have to be grateful for it can totally change the feelings as I go to sleep – which in turn has an effect on my feelings when i wake in the morning

Kim Z.
Taking the few minutes to reflect on my day and finding 3 things (big or small) that I am grateful for that day reminds me of how beautiful life truly is. Especially once you stop and take it all in.

Joanne U.
It helps you think about your day. There were positive things that hapenned. Do it when you dont feel positive as well as when you do.

Abigail G.
After two or three months if expressing gratitude over fairly simple things in my life I began to notice that I had a happier, more positive mindset overall. It was not an overnight thing, but probably around 9 to 10 weeks into me expressing gratitude, daily, in a journal. It is a game changer.

Serena S.
It won't cure depression but it will help you change your thought patterns to be more positive. It will become easier to focus on the good parts of your day, no matter how small. You will find over time by practicing gratitude you will be happier as you think more positively.

Liva U.
Being grateful can be a way to help with depression alongside other practices. It helps you focus on what you do have, rather than what you don't. It also gets your mind into a positive way of thinking. The more you are grateful for, the more you really think on what you have to be grateful for and it changes your focus.

Liane X.
It helps diverting the negative vibes towards more positive incentive and it grows within to help one look beyond challenges and one thrives to be better rather than sulk.

Khris N.
Allowing yourself to be grateful helps with depression because when you open up your heart to the universe and realize the littlest things can bring the most happiest moments. Appreciating yourself in all your flaws/attributes
As well as accepting the things good and bad in your life. All of this brings perspective. You begging to see what you have and are grateful for!
Such as the gift of the senses! Being able to taste favorite foods, smell flowers or sweets,
Seeing nature in all its glory, touching or hugging a loved one feeling their heartbeat against yours, hearing beautiful and brilliant music or nature sounds
These are more than enough things to find gratefulness in!
Starting there can help you fend off depression and if it’s hard to get there. Start with just being grateful for who you are consciousness experiencing and living itself as a being in this world. 😊✨