How do you show your gratefulness

Cecilie C.
My love language is service so I like to cook for people and look after them. Grateful to myself I give myself a break, I put time aside to reflect and look after myself.
Diani D.
Terima kasih karena aku masih di beri kesempatan oleh Tuhan untuk bernapas dan memijak bumi. Terimakasih sudah tersenyum dan kuat untuk diri sensiri. Terima kaaih sudah mau berusaha meski terasa lelah tapi terlewati 1.
Edo P.
I reflect on the things that bring me happiness or excitement in the day. I might otherwise have overlooked them. One has to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, don't mess with Mr Inbetween!
Hilla X.
Usually I think quietly gratefully in my head. Those grateful thoughts just blow into my mind during the day. How do I show them? One of my favourite speaking topics is equality. I try to remind others of what we have and others may not have. What we can do and what some people can't. Sometimes I write those thoughts down, sometimes I store them to my head, but often, those thoughts fly away, like butterflies and I never see them again.
Shana F.
When I am feeling grateful, I bask in that moment so I give it the attention that it deserves. When I am grateful for someone, I tell them. I am a firm believer and letting people know how you feel, especially when you appreciate, love, miss, or are proud of them. It helps to know that others see you and think about you and appreciate the role you have in their life.
Isa Z.
by telling people that i am thankful for them and happy they are in my life. i send and give them things i know they will like to make their day. to show my gratefulness to myself i take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the world is and that i am so lucky to see this weird wonderful place.