How do handle the times you draw a blank when writing your gratitude?

Kim O.
Starts out with the little things. This is when I really reflect on the present time. Looking at my surroundings and letting my senses take over. I just think about how grateful I am to have a moment to write down my gratitude, how grateful I am that my mind is working, how grateful I am that I have hands and figures and they are allowing me to write/type out my thoughts, how grateful I am that I can see the words, how grateful I am that I can sit/stand to do the gratitude journal, how grateful I am to be in a safe space that I can let my thought flow. Then I start to think about the people I care and love. Just start with the physical things in the surrounding and slowly go deeper into the mind.
Sergio O.
I start to mentally walk through my day, taking a moment to consider even the smallest of things to be grateful for. The sheets I woke up under, the clean water I was able to shower in, the ability to have breakfast food available in my home, and so on
Jannette N.
If you go through your day, you will come across something that you are grateful for. you got the bus. wind during cycling or it was dry weather. 💜
Laura Z.
Focus on the little things. The things that go so often unnoticed. The basic things that actually mean so much. You could even start by looking around you and trying to find three things that are beautiful, or special. Because those things are reasons to be grateful. Or something that made you smile that day. Because it made you smile.
Fernando S.
I think of any good thing that happened that day – did something make me laugh? Did something go better than expected? And I also think of things that I have, like good food or my pets.
Generally, I try to avoid comparing my situation to others' because that causes envy, if they are doing better, or guilt, if they are doing worse. For example, instead of thinking "some people don't have clean water," I think, "I'm grateful for my clean water."
Hope this helps