Is it hard for you to show gratitude? Towards others and yourself

L A C.
Towards others not at all. But for myself it is. I always feel like I can do better at whatever I'm doing. Even if I did it perfectly
Lianne Z.
It can be difficult to begin with, but it gets easier and even more rewarding over time. You can start small by noting the things you may have that others don't. It can be as simple as "I'm grateful that I have a roof over my head." "I'm grateful for the ability to talk and connect with other people." The more things you try to add to your list, the better you start to feel about. It is a notable subconscious change. The same goes for people who you see or interact with. You can create an individual gratitude list for each person you connect with regularly. "I'm grateful Susan took the time to talk with me today even though she's usually busy." "I'm grateful to Tim for helping me fix my car." Keeping a habit of writing these thoughts down will make it easier to express these notes of gratitude to those around you. You'll find that you'll make each person's life better simply by reminding them that you value them.
Rh P.
thanks for the question so that I can reflect on myself. Yes, it was hard for me to express gratitude Because I check everything as granted. This is why I have to practice gratitude continuously.
Betsy Y.
There was a time when it was difficult, but with experience, reading and interacting with grateful people , it runs easily most of the time
Eva N.
No. It's how you think & ur mindset based on the positive direction & guidance that really matters in ur life. Then you start making sense to the expression you project to others.
Heather C.
At first it was. I was just different then and had been suffering from depression. Each day I practice I get better feel better and do better. I still have hang ups and crappy days like all people but it is easy to remind myself that this not right and to get back on my path. Practicing gratitude allows me to see that now. I have been working on my gratitude for a little over a year and cannot imagine going back. Practicing gratitude is not a one time thing but something moldable and grows over time. Also I find if I am not being present it is easy to slip into an ungrateful existence. If I do not check myself as I have done in my past then it can spiral into depression and worse.
Jeanine A.
No. I remember that it is basic "luck" or "blessing" to meet even the worst people because sometimes we learn a lot. And sometimes we are just happy a lot. Being alive is not as easy or obvious as it seems.