What songs help you to be grateful in moments when you are sad or angry?

Duane U.
I'm Good by Tim Bowman. Lyrics come down to being good enough to achieve your dreams, nothing but you is standing in your way. Also acknowledging bad days exist, but ultimately you can overcome them.
Liseudis E.
In those difficult times I like to hear music that makes me happy, preferably my favorite band: Vampire Weekend. Their latest album "Father Of The Bride" just puts me in a great mood, I love all its songs.
Laura Z.
Alicia keys- underdog
Cardi B ft Chance the Rapper- Best Life
These are just a couple. Think of songs that have made me feel good or inspired in the past. Typically, A lot of upbeat music
Bruna P.
I am Brazilian and love songs from 2 bands that help me looking at the world with a gratitude perspective: Chimarruts and Natiruts. Otherwise I really love Jack Johnson songs as well 🙂
Jacob X.
Lively and energetic old music makes me dance and feel very happy. I like 60s country, rock-n-roll and acid rock. Besides that, I also like soviet music, but it more suited for my calm state. The most favorite ones are Visotsky and Okujawa. In addition, I become to like modern group named Glass animals. I can listen to them anytime and anywhere
Danny A.
Moral of the story, by Ashe; Born to be brave, by cast of high school musical the series; dark water by Ferr; peach by Broods
Diala X.
I usually listen to prayers. Sometimes any prayer would do. Other times, it has to be a specific prayer so that I am able to either cry or feel transported and full of faith.
Michelle R.
Super by Lany. This kind of song is chillful and relaxing but romantic ..the rythym is very calm all balance and it really helps me relax and at the same time Lany's voice is cool and the voice really matters to me to because it also part of the sound that make the sound chill and chillax.I hope you know what I mean