What do you do when you cannot feel positive about being grateful?

Magdalena X.
It helps me first calm down, just sit because sometimes it happens with me when I am overwhelmed or tired. I just take a few breaths and see the little things I am doing everyday and for me it is enough during such a days be greatful that I did once more 🙂
Mehdi J.
I give myself permission to feel what I feel then gradually try to remember or watch something funny or dance increasingly I feel better and grateful for being awakened person
Matthew J.
Start with something very small. If it's been a bad day where nothing at all good happened, think of something else that makes you happy. Even if it's insignificant. Even if it's superficial. If the only thing you can think of is how much you like chocolate, think about that. Write about the last time it made you happy. Write about the last type of chocolate you ate. Write what you like about it. Write about a happy memory you associate with it. Maybe more things will arise from any of those. Allow yourself to take tangents then, to write about anything that comes to your head. Be mindful that the tangents don't take a negative turn, but follow wherever your thoughts take you.
Lisa G.
When i findibg it hatd to be grateful. I usually try to go for a walk and by the time I have finished my walk I feel grateful about domething. It might have been sonething i saw on the walk.
Silas W.
I try to think about the woman who was complaining about not having shoes until she found the man who had no feet…
After that I saw today many things that I am grateful for – e. x. my super eyes – with them I can see beautiful things that are here on the Earth. I was grateful for my bed and pillow with blanket too. The fact that I don't have to be hungry – I can eat when I want.
Just think and you will find what you are looking for…