How many things do you think of everyday to be grateful for?

Ignatz X.
1. Am grateful for able to hve 3 meals a day.
2. For good and loving parents.
3. For a comfortable home.
4. For the campus to continue my studies.
5. Internet
6. Good hardworking bf
7. My lovely cousins.
8. My batchmates.
9. Tommy.
10. Music
Brent A.
I try to name at least 3 things. It makes it manageable because sometimes it seems hard to find things to be grateful for. Also, usually the research says 3 things are found to have an impact
Federica Q.
I always write down 3 things I am grateful for everyday. In this period of lockdown I find myself thinking about how lucky I am to be safe and have my family close to me.
Cynthia N.
Minimum of 3 but that usually turns into many more. Be grateful for the little things. The sun is shining. No traffic today. Someone smiled at me walking by. It's all the little things that add up.
Daniella O.
A lot of things. There are the big ones such as family and friends and food and health. Many of the things I'm grateful for can be considered small to others. I'm grateful for the flowers that grow near my home, the birds that wake me up every morning, the small breezes in the day and stuff like that.
Janice Z.
Honestly it varies from day to -day..some days I have many things..and some days only a few… but every day.. there is ALWAYS some thing to be grateful for.
Herman F.
First, during these hard times as corona and pandemic… A person with a good health must be very grateful and thankful. Than if during this you can still to manage to work from home… You have to stop nagging. Other people are dying, not working, fired, no salary…
Also you have to be thankful for having a roof and can eat and still living… Cz other people are barely breathing with oxygen extensions…
So be thankful every minute
Lacy G.
I start with what happened immediately that day, then things I'm still grateful for (my old cat still alive, my mother's health, etc.). After writing about 6-10 things down, I spend the remainder of the time meditating to the music, considering overall things I'm grateful for (the ability to take a shower by myself, to breathe without effort… My father died from COPD/heart/seizure issues in hospice so I try not to forget to be thankful I can feed myself, or get up to use the restroom.. A lot of people can't).
Gustav N.
For everything. Starting with being alive for being complete and healthy. For the food, the water, the clothes, my home, my body, my family my love ones, my work, my city, the sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds, the plants, the animals, the rain, the summer, the sky, the rivers, the oceans, the universe, the Galaxy, the nebulous, FOR ALLAH, for being her slave and being able to worship him and The prophets. And more…
Mocinha O.
even though is hard sometimes being grateful about everything that happened as bad as it is as in perspective probably we are getting it much better than many other people. starting there pretty much everything else up.
Kourtney G.
I think of Taylor, my home, having a job, going to school, having food on the table every day, my car, and medicine to keep me alive. I’m always grateful for all the gifts of living in a first world country and having the opportunity to love my S.O. without any limitations.
Amaury C.
Be grateful every day is not easy, especially at the beginning. But little things, a smile, a sweet, a memories, the chat with a dear friend, are the most important things that help you to be grateful and to appreciate what you have reached and beauty around you
Nicklas Z.
I haven’t really counted them, but my gratitude book has two pages for every day and I usually fill those two pages. Sometimes I will write: “I am grateful for peanut butter” and other times I will be more specific. For example: “I am grateful for my son and the new depths of love he has taught me since he came into my life”. The more specific, the longer the sentences and therefore probably not as many things on the list. ❤️
Ayshah S.
I do not think of any specific number of things. I am grateful for so many things throughout the day. I try to stay grateful. If some one wants to put a number on what they are grateful for let them say at least 5 things but not limited to just 5.
Yari F.
I am able to list of many things for which I am grateful. I try to sink into atleast one and deeply feel my gratitude. Today, I sat with three.