Is there a more specific way to show gratitude or be grateful ?

Jen S.
To be truly grateful you must pass fwd. Whether it's paying for a future customers coffee or giving away excess produce or helping someone who is lonely.
Wesley A.
Every day I am writing a Diary of Success where I write the things I'm grateful for to Myself and the Universe. I try my best to express my gratitude to my friends and beloved ones.
Cory W.
You can thank someone you really appreciate for all that they do for you. Another way increase gratitude is to use a mala beads necklace. Go around the necklace one bead at a time, telling yourself something your grateful for each time.
Lilbabyz10 N.
Being honest with yourself and looking at all aspects of your life is what makes you realize the things you are grateful about. Gratitude can even happen because you took the first step to express the need for personal development and growth. Look at every aspect of your life and see that there are so many things that are working in our favor. You got this! You deserve this! You are awesome!
Jessie S.
Thinking about how you handled a situation, who you talked to and what you were able to do. Focus on anything that didn't go wrong no matter how insignificant it seems.