How do you consistently find new and specific things to be grateful, especially in hard times?

Gottlob J.
when i’m going through hard times, I try to look around me and just appreciate the fact that i’m alive and that I am lucky to be living the life that I am. even though what I may be going through feels extremely hard or like the end of the world, it is not. there have been bad times before and there have been good ones and they will keep going, but you just have to try to remember all the good times and let them outweigh the bad ones. be grateful for everything around you and for being able to have those good times.

Nuno F.
Everyday above the earth’s soil is a worth an amazing amount of gratitude. The phone that I am using helps me type out this answer. The alarm clock that woke me up and I successfully got it done, even if it took 7 snoozes, grateful it was there and didn’t let me down.
Take a moment, find three things in that made today possible. What did they help you do. Even small accomplishments are wins. Without them the larger ones won’t be able to happen.

Enjoy the journey to being Fabulous and continue to love the new you that you’re becoming, because no man steps in the same river twice.

Ana N.
I make mountains out of molehills. I dig into the details of the tiny things I’m grateful for and describe all five senses that moment made me feel so I sort of relive it instead of just write it down.

Winfried P.
I find this difficult too. I’m a week into the challenge and have set myself of just writing something down, no matter how small or trivial. Part of the challenge is learning how to recognise the small things to be grateful for.

Andy O.
There's always something to be grateful for in the things that you see hear smell taste touch.. no matter how small. Just a few words or smile from a stranger. Grateful for something that you've done for somebody else particularly if they're not aware of it it's a totally selfless act.

Paula N.
Look around and notice your surroundings. Do you have a roof over your head? This could be something beautiful to be grateful about. Is there running water in your faucet? Do you have food in your fridge? Can you look outside your window and look at the sky with new eyes, finding in the clouds a shape that you find entertaining or amusing. Does the sun touch your skin and can you feel a sense of connection to your surroundings when it does. Gratitude can be for anything and everything. For a Gordy you received. Or every easy breath you take. For the air that comes easy into your lungs. Gratitude can even be to just have the opportunity and space to reflect on something to be grateful about.

Jeanette Q.
When I sit down to write out what I am grateful for, I first look back over the past few days to see what I wrote. It’s ok to repeat, but I do try to write newer things or newer perspectives on things. During hard times, I look at small things that I am grateful for: a flower blooming in my garden, a quality or characteristic I demonstrated that day, having a 5 minute break. It can be anything!