When practising gratitute, do you thing about it a longer period of time or do you just come up with 3 and go?

Rajshree F.
Usually I used to think about what I am truly grateful for.. then I spend a bit of time to ponder over it.. and during this time I dig much deeper into why I m grateful for this particular thing…. how is it affecting my life.. what is it’s role in my life… how will it continue to benefit me … so on … it depends on what you are grateful for🦋❤️
Karla Y.
I already practiced every day. In reality, mentally, I am thanking you for things, moments or even sadness that I pass.
Zargy M.
I write down on my journal the 3 gratitudes for the day in the evening before going to sleep. I reflect on my day, trying to recall those positive moments worth mentioning. Sometimes it takes a while for me to recall especially when I had a bad day or an uneventful day. But generally when you get used to doing the practice daily, it gets easier and I sometimes end up noting more than 3 gratitudes for the day. I hope that helps!