how can i ensure that i can keep remembering to be grateful?

Stephanie Q.
Some people didn't wake up this morning…I am grateful upon waking. Some people are in wheelchairs or they are blind…after nothing my gratitude fir yhe above mentioned…..its easy to think about other reasons to be grateful
Pippa Y.
Put a little reminders . I have one in kitchen, do a kittle Gratitude moments while cooking, doing dishes. And also on a mirror in bathroom. First thing in morning, then again in every night x x x
Shanelle G.
By practicing and scheduling time throughout the day. I add el reminds to my phone through out the day that remind that there’s so much good things coming to me and that happen throughout the day. Adding the good stuff to my journal and reminder that there’s just small inconveniences that make the happiness smaller. It’s helped a lot with how my days go and my mental health
Danny P.
Connect a physical action to your first moment of gratitude during the day. For example, when I brush my teeth in the morning I lean into the mirror and pretend all my teeth are saying thank you in a silly little voice. Then I shoot finger guns and say you’re welcome or some variation. Making it fun and physical helps me remember to do it every day and helps the gratitude spread through my whole body!
Yazi Y.
Get a gratitude journal and write in it every day or you can get a journal app on your phone some of them even had you don't have to type it you can just text or speak to text very easy