How can I be consisten? Do you have any tips that you use?

Byron P.
Number one is to set alarms on your phone or reminders I personally have a few such as workout ones, and a couple to remind me to drink water every day like clockwork, It gets done another one is parentheses , It gets done another one is (and this one won’t work if you live alone) to have friends or family remind you to do what you need to get done it’s a simple task to get done easily – Maddie PS Quarantine is almost over just hang in there a couple more weeks! 🙂

Jonathan O.
Develop routines. Do similar things at similar times. Use the power of this app to help develop and embed those routines.

Sigur R Z.
I bought a nice looking book and a new pen dedicated just for writing down what I'm grateful for. I keep those things by my bed and always take it with me on trips so I never forget.

Louis E.
Build your mind on strong powerful strength is the key always say that I must n go on uh will achieve it u just have to start once started its gonna b completed hope it was good for u