How do I stay grateful and not care what others think?

Angelica S.
I Look around at all I have . Staring with health and then family and friends. Time I have ! Experiences and Then food, materials.
Christoffer C.
By focusing or being mindful only on things I'm grateful for. You can grab a book called " Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav.
Lauriete W.
Remembering that being ungrateful does nothing , helping whoever needs me , if people in my life are grateful to me I will always be grateful
Viveque Q.
I only care about my happiness,my self confidence and what I want for myself, most of the time I don’t care what others think about me or about things I do, but sometimes I would like to know what my parents think about some of my actions or behaviors.
Ben J.
Focus on yourself and those that care about you. They are the people who will encourage you and are worthy of being grateful for.

What you are really worried about when you worry what others think, is judgement. People who judge you are not those worthy of your consideration. Carry on in spite of them.

Those that love you will support you and in turn you will find it easier to appreciate them.

Abigayle S.
Why do we care about other people ,Are they gonna help us change? NO, then why do we give importance to people whereas to then we are an option. Make yourself a priority and journal everyday.
Ehrhard Z.
Not worry or get upset if someone look or stares at you just walk away and act like you don't care it's ok sometimes to get upset and cry but just don't let things get to you it's.better that way like me I want to be a 911 dispatcher and I will have to be brave and Strong because I'll get call about people being hurt and injured .
Iremide N.
Gratitude is something you find from within. What does it have to do with others. I hear the phrase 'first within then without a lot'. You are inside you… you inside must search your heart & minds for reasons to be grateful. When you start radiating joy, calm, self-love, acceptance for self. The same people will see & start thinking differently. Even if they decide to think the same, how does that concern you? It has nothing to do with you how they choose to think.
Sebas W.
Well, to really bring the epic idea of gratitude in one's life, one must understand to be aware with the blessings they have already like having the opportunity to use this app and to have a place to stay or even being grateful to just simply breathing. Likewise, Gratitude comes from being true to yourself that what you have now to keep you safe and that gives you a simple but great life like having a bed or the ability to think is something to be taken granted and grateful because there are other people who don't have this but still keep moving in life. I believe that just simply being grateful with the little things in life and being aware of the good opportunities in life is the way to truly being grateful. And finally, what others think about you doesn't matter with you unless you provoke something upon them but besides that it is based on what you say and how you look at yourself that defines your true view of yourself and how you see yourself as. Basically what ever energy you put yourself into, wi be with you and that is how you will feel then.
Sofie U.
First of all define "others". Are they your family? Are they your friends? Are they people on the street? What's your relationship with them? Are they important for you? If not, why should you care? If you aren't doing anything illegal, other people's opinions shouldn't matter. And if your "others" is someone that really important to you – well, talk with that person, analyse what that person says and why it is affecting you.
And I'll pass on staying grateful, cause I'm not sure about it myself 🙂
Crystal U.
By remembering and reflecting on self. Remember that you got yourself here by learning and adapting, reminding yourself that you are worthy of love and deserve to express it yourself
Rukayya Z.
You stay grateful by remembering that you are the hero of your story. Others have a right to their opinion but your opinion about is the only opinion that matters. So I suggest when someone has an opinion that doesn’t sound so nice to you. You can check in with yourself and see what is your opinion about the same thing if it’s good then focus on that. And if it is negative try to change it to the nearest possible positive and focus on it.
Lucy F.
To be grateful, find what’s good in the situation ignoring all the bad and realising that there’s more positivity than you think. Not caring what other people think can be done by only trusting your opinion and not judging others to build a more positive mindset.
Denise U.
When I first started to say my gratefuls, I felt silly and I used to just whisper them whilst I walked my dog. Then my life started to get better and initially I didn't realise that it was me saying the gratefuls that were improving my days. Then it dawned on me and it has turned my life around. I now encourage anyone who talks to me about their problems to do the same. I'm proud that I do this and I can honestly say that it will improve anyone's life. Stick with it and everyone will see the positive change in you and you will also be proudly explaining about being grateful.
Eloane T.
You can stay grateful buy thinking of everything you have and what your life would be without it. And never care what others think because you be yourself and people will like you. It will boost your confidence to not care about what others think of you. If its strangers, your nevert going to see them again anyway so why care?
Gertrude T.
For me worked that i found out that i can take care of myself and that i am not responsible for the thoughts of ither people. Plus generaly trying to be a decent human being helps too. Good luck
Lizzy N.
Just don’t tell other people ,keep it to yourself or tell them that your gratful for them (if there a big part of your life) and I doubt there going to ask why they will most likely say there gratful for you.
Lisa U.
First of all, it takes a lot of action. You can stay grateful for long times if you practice mindfulness every day. Focusing on your own growth does a lot too. The gratitude practice is the most important one because it shifts your thoughts from lack to abundance. Prioritize self care like drinking enough water, baths or showers, teeth brushing, sports… Last but not least encountering supportive friends or family is a great way to feel uplifted and grateful. The way you talk and walk gives it all away. Use positive words and supportive phrases and acts. Remember it takes time and action combined to change the brain and body. The one thing for you to do then is to stay consistent with it and soon or late you'll feel grateful all day long.
Rishika F.
Okay just remember that you can't make every one happy else you can make yourself happy.Just be what you are and be greatful for everything what you have and ignore everything else.
Feliz T.
By writing down what I am grateful for everyday and think more about what I have then what I don't have. And always think about what I am grateful for through out the day and make that a routine
Theresa E.
Feed yourself with truth. In the media you consume, in the friends you share, in the books you read. Consume less, so that you aren't always looking at new and better things. Be helpful to those less fortunate. Imagine what life would be like without what you love.
Rose S.
In being grateful one is joyful and that's how one has the ability to not care what others think, joy radiates positivity.
Being grateful is state of mind that is reached thru a variety of ways (long suffering, recovery, etc.). The ones that subscribe to the servant leadership style are able to radiate positivity and express gratitude as well.
Iwona F.
Take it day by day. Small and consistent steps. The closer you get to being your true self the less the outside noise matters.
Oscar T.
You can’t control much of anything in life, including what others think, but you can control your attitude and how you respect you body. Counting my blessings instead of recounting my problems, no matter the situation, has been the best prescription to a negative attitude and has helped me go remember that I can’t control others, but I can control myself. And I can be thankful for the chance to live and change and be the best me possible.
Novalee E.
Brush it off,if someone’s giving you mean looks or mean comments tell someone. That’s considered bullying. If you think your beautiful and your body is amazing, don’t care what others think,they are trying to bring you down because it makes them happy, something’s going on in their life if they are making fun of yours. Stay positive and brush it it!
Mansi E.
Just do what you like and don't think bof others. Others dimotivate you so just do what you link.To stay greatful just be happy and keep smiling…
Anica Y.
Take your time to point out the little things you're grateful for like "I'm greatful my phone is working today" or "Im greatful the weather is good". For not caring about what other people think, this might sound a bit mean but remind yourself that you aren't that important to them that they'll be thinking about you the way you think negatively about yourself. Try to take your mind off of it by using healthy coping methods.
Janice O.
Well being grateful helps us to be postive and feel happy about the things we have it helps us to maintain our inner peace and tranquility….and also makes us feel confident and content about what we are
Benedita P.
You can stay grateful using a journal. Also you can get a gratitude app that will give you prompts and help you stay grateful.
Bekir T.
Write what you feel about yourself and some notes for you . Like journaling or write to do list and see yourself rinsing
Georgiana A.
You need to remember that the only person that will always take care of you is you. While we do live in a society with written and unwritten rules, as long as your freedom doesn't impede on others', you can do whatever makes you happy. People around you shouldn't have a say in how you live your life because, firstly, they don't know you, they only know your "people face", secondly, you living your life doesn't depend on them. You don't eat at their table, you don't raise their kids, you don't ask for their opinion. Live your life in the most authentic way you can for you. You go to bed with you every night, you wake up with you every morning and you and only you live in your body and mind. Respect the people around you, but honor and love yourself. You're the most important person in your life! ❤️🌹
Mariana A.
The way how others are thinking – is not your problem! It's theirs problem! You will never know what is in theirs heads really! It's just empty-spending time to trying to understand what they are thinking and and why they are thinking like this. Don't spend your time for this! Spend time for you! Spend time for take care of you! Let's them alone with theirs thoughts… it's theirs job – not yours! If you will every time think what the others are thinking about you – early or late your head will be exploded. Live your life and be grateful that somebody spending time and thinking about you:)))) If they thinking about you – it's the reason that you are interesting person! Or theirs life just boring)))

Love your life! Live how it is better for you! And think about yourself! 🫶🏻

Cinira N.
The reason we "forget" to be grateful is because we don't follow up with our small wins. Take a moment and write down in your journal what you have now that you a few years ago wanted so bad. Everyone is consumed with their own lives. We're not here to copy each other. We're here on this floating rock in the middle of a whole UNIVERSE, we're alive, breathing, eating, provided with everything to keep us alive and going. And you think other's opinions matter? Please, do better. If you don't have dreams to follow, goals to achieve, a desire to be so much better than you are today then you're wasting your time. Scrolling through TikTok won't change your life but it will keep you distracted enough so others change for the better.
Eva Z.
Maximize your greatfulness everyday but doing little bit of kindness to yourself and to others it will grow and overcome the negative energy in your life
Sarah Z.
I literally just look at how far I have come in my life, all my hard work that brought me here and then remind myself I still have a lot to do, to believe in myself and my decisions; what makes me happy and always remember I’d be a memory and story someday.
Mae A.
Just focus on yourself and remember that the only opinion that you really care about is your own and the ones from those closest around you.
Evan S.
You should care what others think but not let you get effected. How to not get effected? Well, staying grateful is an art that is only possible to learn when you practice it. So when you practice often your brain gets used to the context of gratitude in any of life’s scenarios. So force yourself to practice gratitude as often as possible. Make it a religious for yourself that not one day passes
Sam Y.
I realize that there are people in this world with less than I have. Some may not have a home, food, water, or even clothes. I am very grateful to have these things and once I am older, I will give money, clothes, and food and water to show my appreciation.
Krystal O.
You remind yourself that your life is yours to live and your ultimate goal is to make sure that, when you look back on it, you are content and happy. We are living on borrowed time, and we should never be pressured to live according to other's expectations. We should live by looking into our ourselves, having an understanding of what we want our life to be, and being grateful for all the little things that encompass the final goal.
Barbra X.
Dat is niet gemakkelijk. Onbewust leg ik daar zoveel focus op. Maar het is mijn leven het is nu we doen het maar 1x dus focus op je eigen doelen en dan krijg je vanzelf meer zelfvertrouwen om ervoor te gaan dan wordt dat de motivatie en haal de emoties weg van de acties.
Evelyn E.
You mush be grateful for what you get or got. If they say something bad about you , don't worry no one's matter should control your life.
Ihsan H.
aku akan bersyukur tiap malam, aku akan mengingat ngingat tujuanku, aku tidak peduli apa yang orang katakan, yang penting adalah tujuanku, keluargaku, dan teman temanku yang mensupport aku
Tristan G.
One way that I stay grateful is by constantly reminding myself and others about how much I love them back and in return they remind me which allows me to not care about what anyone else thinks except for them
Angabeire P.
Developing a sense of gratitude and finding a balance between caring for others and oneself is a valuable pursuit. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Practice mindfulness: Cultivate awareness of the present moment and the positive aspects of your life. Regularly reflect on things you are grateful for, whether it's small daily experiences or bigger blessings.

2. Keep a gratitude journal: Write down three things you are thankful for each day. This exercise helps shift focus towards positivity and trains your mind to recognize and appreciate the good in your life.

3. Develop self-compassion: While caring for others is important, remember to prioritize self-care as well. Recognize your own needs, set boundaries, and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

4. Seek support: Consider talking with a trusted friend, mentor, or therapist who can provide guidance and help you navigate the balance between caring for others and taking care of yourself.

5. Reflect on deeper motivations: Understanding why you want to cultivate gratitude and reduce dependence on others' opinions can offer insight. Clarifying your values and personal growth goals can help guide your journey.

Remember, finding balance takes time and effort. Start small, be patient with yourself, and embrace the process as you seek greater gratitude and self-care.

Lucas E.
I believe that we make our own selves so why woorying about what others think , giving ourselves love and treat our souls well , staying grateful for what we have and what happended to us and be happy and reconciled with our own is what keeps us strong , what others thinks can't affect us if we don't allow it to happen
Sergio E.
I am the one living my life, no one else. I work hard for what I have. What I have might ge fancier than what someone else has or it might not be as nice – it brings joy and a level of fulfillment to my life and helps sustain me.
Nasir Z.
If someone asks me to help i will be there, but some people talking rubbish culture of me I will not be able to attend this event
Bobbie U.
Wow, this one is hard, but I think the best way to not care is to be busy with something else like doing what you love and find meaningful like a hobby or a job. And when you become fully immersed into something you won’t have time to think about opinions of others. And when you get successful in what you do, you will gain confidence and it will reflect in respect from other people. Good luck! 🤗
Mercedes J.
I think the trick to being grateful is the little things like bird song or coffee the sound of the ocean also a gratitude list is a personal thing everyone's will be different and it's really just for the individual doing it you don't need to share with anyone
Am Lie W.
Stop comparing yourself to others you are your own unique self with a unique path through life .do You really need what they have or would you rather keep your freedom? What are the positives and liabilities present in this other situation. There are few positions in life that in are wholely positive.its always a trade off. What appears so good on the outside often holds a terrible price. Would you really want to pay that price?
Angelique I.
First of all nobody's thinking about you, you do things by yourself, from yourself, for yourself. So be greatful by doing things for you. and like what my sister said to me do things you like and don't losten to what others opinion they have for you.
Iphinoe Q.
it's a difficult task. what I have found helpful is thinking that every other person might have the same worries so what's the point in caring.
Emma C.
We have to celebrate the small things in life. When we start celebrate the small things of a brain start picking up the small things to celebrate. Example of woke up this morning early. I'm celebrate myself. I woke up early rather cursing myself. Why would I woke up early?
Pham A.
When your grateful, u might wanna close ur eyes so you can't see anything, then only listen to yourself talking to YOURSELF in your minds, I hope that helps, cause it helps me:)
Michael U.
Nobody decides wether your gratefullness is wrong or right. Being gratefull comes from within and nobody else but you decides what to be gratefull about
Sofia F.
You know what I do is I think that I am superior than others and they are ordinary people obviously it's difficult for them to understand an extraordinary one like me this way what they think becomes to small to worry about and waste your time
Anton P.
Overworring yourself because of others opinions is only exausting and useless for them and yourself.
To have another point of view is fine but YOU must be the final judge.
You are capable of achieving what you want and if someone really cares about you it will support you.
Shriya F.
being grateful starts with small steps: thank yourself every morning for having the courage to be here every day, and progress to more mindful affirmations. not worrying about others is rooted in your trust in yourself: will you let other people taint the way you are proud of yourself? remind yourself that gratefulness is a journey, and critiques are a small bridge you must cross.
Eric U.
Always tell yourself I believe in expressing my gratitude sincerely and authentically, regardless of others' perspectives."
Amy Z.
Relize everyone has a different opinion and style so if there judging you they are either jealous or just rude. Think about it this way you may not like a persons style but you can stay nice about it!
Sophie N.
remembering the little things that are glad to have and remind yourself that in the end your opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters. you only get one life, why waste it on others perceptions of you
Alvino Q.
By grounding myself and focusing on my goals; if I'm focused on what I need to do to succeed then I won't care as much about what others think
Lydia S.
I stay grateful by looking around and knowing I have a lock on my door, a private bathroom, a bed with clean sheets and blanketS, hot water, a window to stick my head out of, and not in a shelter or jail, with locks on a cell, or on a concrete mattress in the cold with only cardboard and newspapers to cover me. Grateful to be alive and have a choice be it good or bad. I am grateful
D Rthe F.
To stay grateful and not care about what other people think, here are some strategies you can try:

1. Focus on yourself: Remember that the only opinions that truly matter are your own. Spend time reflecting on your values, goals, and priorities. Stay true to yourself and live according to your own standards, rather than seeking validation from others.

2. Practice self-acceptance: Embrace your strengths and weaknesses, and accept yourself as you are. Remind yourself that you don't need external validation to feel worthy or valuable. Cultivate self-compassion and remind yourself that no one is perfect.

3. Count your blessings: Take time each day to acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of your life. This can be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal and writing down three things you are thankful for each day. Focusing on the positives can help shift your mindset away from caring about others' opinions.

4. Surround yourself with supportive people: Surround yourself with individuals who uplift and support you. Seek out friends and family members who appreciate you for who you are and provide a positive influence in your life. Their opinions and support will matter more than those of judgmental or negative individuals.

5. Reframe criticism: When faced with criticism, learn to view it as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement rather than something that defines your worth. Remember that everyone has different perspectives and opinions, and not all feedback is valid or meant to be taken personally.

6. Focus on your own happiness: Prioritize your own well-being and happiness. Engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Take steps towards your goals, pursue your interests, and create a life that aligns with your values. When you are focused on your own happiness, the opinions of others will matter less.

Remember, staying grateful and not caring about what others think is a journey that takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself as you develop these skills and remember to always be kind to yourself.

Lukas C.
I am always very thankful to others. I don't know how other's think about me. I know they are thankful. But still something is not correct. I hope it will go more good than now. I care about what others say. I try to don't care but…. Everything will be good😁
Eli O.
I would be grateful because for me i'm the one who'se being happy not them, i don't care if they judge me i will continue the things i loved without any hesistation. i would waste my time to people who doesn't even know my worth
Pauline O.
I am mindful of acknowledging gratitude. There are always others less fortunate. As to the annoying distraction of caring what others think, lol, that's part of life's journey and, for me, a measure of how comfortable I am in my own skin.
Shahed W.
It is about you and not about anyone else .if you wanna feel that you are grateful no one on earth would change your satisfaction about being can also feel grateful by looking at other people who have got much less thing than you in your life
Noodle N.
Write down ten things at the end of each day you are grateful for!
I put them under my diary entries, and I find it helps me to appreciate how I felt, as well as what happened during the day 🙂
Zoe C.
Um. This is a hard question to answer simply because I have struggled with staying grateful and being a people pleaser. I do think to stay grateful is to write down 3 small things that you were grateful doing throughout the day. Staying grounded, being present in the moment, journalling, yoga, and meditation will not only be great ways to bond with yourself but also to self reflect. A great way to let go of people who talks about you behind your back, or to your self is to not let those words get to you. Its not easy like it sounds because as women we are more sensitive and empathetic than men. But taking a step back and recognizing our strengths and our weaknesses, will help alleviate people pleasing tendencies and to not care what people think. Its hard because I am still healing.
Henni J.
Remember to love yourself and think about what you have not what others have things about what makes you special and if everyone liked everyone life would be boring, not everyone needs to have everything thing someone else has to be special
Misty P.
You can try and sit quietly and write down why it makes you feel , you need to justify yourself to strangers, as it's your journey not there's, if they wanted to have true intentions for you they'd show humanity integrity… so in short , it's their negatives they're wanting to portray on you to make you feel guilty, but don't, that little voice that's in your head is YOU , SAYING STAY FOCUSED AND STRONG, IF YOU FWEL YOU FAIL, ITS NOT FAILING , ABD GOOD THINGS TAKE progress & TIME
Leonore Q.
It’s a journey. It’s not something that will happen from day to night, and not something that you will be able to do every day. We are humans, and time from time we will see ourselves caring about what other people say. But, the first thing is love yourself and reflect that you are doing your best in every thing you do, make your life about you (obviously, having emotional responsibility) but, when you know you’re being truthful, you have a clean conscience. And think, people will hate or dislike you whatever character you play, so why don’t you play you?
Sara H.
Remember that of someone looks sto your growth with a judgemental Eye, ot's Just a reflection of their own limita and past trauma
Ahinram Z.
We don’t need to prove anyone.
Find out what keeps you going and keeps you happy and trust me your surroundings will have a positive impact just by doing what you love.
It’s your time, feeling and you should value yourself more than others.
Tyler F.
For you to stay grateful you need to focus on what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Think about how many people in the world who would like to have what you have now, but only you have it. So be grateful for that. Even if you feel like there is nothing to be grateful for and you’re alive and healthy, remember somewhere in the world there is someone fighting for their life.

Caring about what others think of you is a choice, you can choose to care or don’t care at all because, here is a thing everybody is going to have an opinion about you. At the end of the day you decide what’s true about you because you know than they know you. What somebody else thinks of you is none of your business except if you make it.

Angelique I.
by celebrating what you've done today!

when you drink that first cup of water upon waking up! be grateful for what you did last night by getting that water to your bedside table

Alicia A.
It's quite simple you see. The moment you realise that you alone are responsible for your happiness and growth the opinions of others become very unimportant to you. Yes you might catch yourself now and then wondering what will people think and that's when you remind yourself that it doenst matter. People will always create their own opinions and having to answer to them will drain your energy and you will neglect your trueself. So personally I think when you start choosing yourself, being grateful that you are you and nobody else can be you, everybody has their own challenges you just need to focus on you and your growth
Sara H.
Think that the opinioni of people Who don't appreciate and support your happiness and growth doesen't matter. Those people don't deserve to be in your life
Marc W.
Thinking about other people's opinion doesn't make you so much of a better person. You don't have to apologize for the way you act especially if you're hurting no one. That's you. Be you. Don't let anyone tell you how you should be. You should be what you want yourself to be.
Melissa F.
That’s hard. Of course you should care what others think not so much in relation to self but by respect of opinion. We share our minds universally in communication and it’s important for peoples freedom for these opinions to matter.
Kasper G.
Don't worry about what others think, after all it's you who decide what happens in your life. Stay grateful for everything around you, and eventually the fear of what others think will fade. Don't overthink what they think about. It's YOU who should create your life and YOU have the right to feel good about yourself. (you can always EDIT your memories)
Zully Z.
It’s not easy cause we’re humans but if you start reading self-growth books and start understanding that the only priority is you, you’ll keep tripping on the same rock. So focus on YOU and enjoy what you love!!
Caitlin X.
Not caring about what others think starts with self-acceptance. If being grateful is something that you want to make a part of your routine – and a part of who you are, – then you need to accept it as part of your journey and part of your values. The more you embrace yourself and what's important to you (including gratitude), the less other's opinions of your choices matters.
Ngela P.
Being grateful is personal for YOU. It's a feeling of appreciation and respect for who and what you have or experience in life. Think of it is like you own mental music box where you store and recall those feelings and no one else can take that from you. Maybe when you feel like you are being judged take that box and open it and embrace the gratefulness like a protective bubble that no one can pop!
Egwuma W.
Other's ain't me!
People's thoughts or opinion towards me are just an ideology of who they think I am, no matter how close they are to me.
I am living my life for myself and not for anyone👌
Wojciech R.
Just give importance to your inner growth….others are not the core part ,you are. Enjoy being out of others thought limits.
Rita Z.
non l'ho mai vista sotto questo aspetto. a me importa fin troppo di quello che pensano gli altri, è per questo che sto sempre male. però pratico la gratitudine di quello che ho e non ha niente a che vedere con ciò che pensano gli altri.
Alexkanen N.
Everybody is different. It is hard do not care what others think, but it is free and always save you from a wrong choices. Why? Because you want to do what is expecting from you – society expects you will get married and will have children, but when you don't feel for it it is ok. So many people find someone and have a family and is not happy. It is just a press for us be a perfect … It is not good. Because always you will be empty when you do what you don't feel is correct but it is expected. Be free and do what you feel. Always will be here someone with other opinion but it is your life.
Jessie I.
By meditating, and being dependant on yourself. Reken niet op anderen. Jij bent de enige die altijd op jou zal letten, en die ervoor kan zorgen dat jij gelukkig blijft. Als je teveel op anderen gaat rekenen kunnen ze je alleen maar laten vallen
Lyndyloo N.
Believe in yourself as you are accountable for your well-being. It doesn’t matter what others are thinking or doing. It’s all about you and your future.
Randolfo S.
Acknowledge what has been given to you everyday and be grateful irregardless of how small or big it is. It makes you humble and we all need new blessings upon our lives right? It starts with the act of gratitude.
Felipe S.
The purpouse ofrece be grateful is only to thank all the things That you hace including all the bad things. It has to be a personal and unic part of the Day so, try to thanks all you have at the en its only you, and that the way that you accept that you can manage What you things about you not what the others think so be grateful with you and what you think
Isabel F.
Try to focus on yourself and only your opinions, don’t seek approval from others but from yourself. Not believing in yourself will only make people think they shouldn’t believe in you either. Be grateful for even the tiniest thing you like about yourself. Focus on that and it will grow. Think about and be grateful for everything that made your day better and even the things that just didn’t make it worse, you’ll find out there are usually quite a few. Notice the little things.
Gg N.
Just Try and stay in the present moment, remove all stress /worries by shifting your focus on the things in your life that bring you joy, there are many things that we often look past ( big or small) to be grateful for , & always remember that you are your biggest competition/ worst critic.
Lyric S.
What I usually do is write three things around you that you currently have or are able to do, along with an explanation as to why you’re grateful. It’s like grounding, in a way, where you redirect your focus on describing a thing you see or sense. That’s just me personally though.
Amalie F.
I do gratitude every day, in many different ways. I have an app I usually do that sometime during the morning. Sometimes even on my way to work on public transport. I'm just another person on their phone. I say thank you over my food. I say thank you to people. I sometimes ebmven just sing thank you in my head when I'm walking. The more I'm grateful the happier I feel and more at peace. Top-tip: whatever you are grateful for, it increases in your life.
Caitlin T.
I think being consistent with it is the way to go but you can't stop yourself from caring what other people think but you can try to focus on the positive things they are thinking and just know nobody cares what you do because people are more concerned about their self's
Elmar Q.
I dont know but what I’m saying is try your hardest not to feel judged and remember everyone else is worried about themselves being judged then judging you and that just make a good first impression
Valdemar C.
How much do you care when you talk about other people? what they do, what they wear and other things. People don't care what you do either. mentions it for at most 5 minutes and it is forgotten. You came into this world only for yourself. Unless you are a great scientist or a very important life changer, you should just live for yourself .and dont forget people talks just 5 minutes
Neil Q.
Be grateful is power give to you. What other thinking is not your responsibility you don’t have power over that so be grateful for each day because is not promised for tomorrow
Andr Z.
Show gratitude to your self and your accomplishments,
Being alone and following your routine is important.
Build your self esteem and don't forget who you are.
keep focus on what you want.
Johnni P.
Gratefulness comes from practice. Showing Gratitude towards anything keeps you in the vibration of gratefulness where you start attracting good things for you. One way to stay grateful is by keeping a Gratitude Journal and write at least 3 things you are grateful for.
Spencer M.
It's not just blind optimism, but being greatful not just for yourself, but others as well. Being positive and appreciating things without a reason isn't helpful to yourself or others. But when you give a reason why you are greatful, you set an example that proves to yourself that you are right to be greatful, and shows to others how to do the same.
Arnoosha S.
My way to not care what others think is being ok with not pleasing every one. and being ok to be different from other people. And about stay grateful i use a beautiful note book to write them down and set an alarm for it
Catherine P.
I remember that I have myself and I have everything I need. I think about where I’ve come from and the things I’ve seen. I am still working on unlearning to care about what others think.
Spru C.
I should start and end my day with all the things that I'm thankful for. For each negative I reflect on at the end of the day, I can journal 2 positives that got me going.
Not caring what others think would essentially mean me taking the time to step out of myself for a moment and realise most of us are focusing too much on ourselves to bother with others. And having a good support system will also help get us the constructive feedback we need. But the most crucial thing here is to reflect on whether we actually feel good for having done that and are we being true to ourselves.
Rico E.
It's been my experience that the best way to stay grateful in any situation is to always try to be present in that moment. By that I mean, and ignore the fact that being "present" is a "woke" word, just focusing on what exactly is going on in the moment as much as possible. By being present in the moment we aren't present in the past with all of its questions and possible negativity, we aren't thinking about the future which might have concerns, worries, or fears. We are just being in that moment. It's there that we can find gratitude for the breath that we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we eat. Too often, in today's society, we are rushing to get to the next thing and we overlook the best part of living which is being alive right now, in this moment…
Gabriel N.
A goal without a day of competition is a dream not reachable objective. You need to plan your plan. Think about what will it matter in 5, 10 or 20 years what other people think about you, what you think or what you do. But, it is very important that what you think and do is controlled by this unchanging reality,
Noah S.
There are many, many people in the world. Each one will have a different opinion and think about things in their own way. That is to say, the only opinion that matters to us ir our own, same as with our thoughts, and we will end up wasting too much time and energy if we stop to consider what other people think of us. Especially when it comes to staying grateful and being kind to ourselves.
Everyone has their own journey and deserves respect. That also applies to you.
Wes N.
I don’t have an opinion on “minimalism.” As it happens, I have a lot of things, lol… That said, I do quarterly “gatherings “ where I give household items and clothing to charity. And I’m starting to part with things on a more regular basis because I want to downsize, but I’m afraid I’ll never be a minimalist.
Eloane F.
first you have to know everyone has a special life for themself. you're not someone's reflection in that world. you need to be your best just for yourself. that means you don't have to care someone else's thinks about you. just care when you think it can help your improvement. but if you feel something bad you need to listen your heart and don't care what they think.
Hayd E A.
Just realize that what others think is a projection of their life experiences and what THEY’re going through, not you. If others say something negative about you, it generally reflects one of their own insecurities or traumas.
Adrianna S.
By pushing everyone else’s opinions out of your head. U are asking yourself how can u stay grateful this means you are naming things that you are grateful for & not the other way around. Ask yourself why you're grateful for the things that you named & what it means to you. Your chart concerning what you are grateful for is important to you & you alone know why you jotted those things down. Remind yourself of why you're grateful for those things, why it's important to you, what it means to you & why everyone else’s opinion on the matter is meaningless. Because once again this is your chart & what/why you are grateful for those things. Tune out the world & what it has to say concerning
Tessa N.
Just don’t listen to them, ignore them,delete them in your mind. Then you’ll learn how to be grateful and how much you appreciate people that support you!
Warren J.
I simply don't talk about my routine. I think it's really a personal journey and for me, it's important to be alone during this. i am used by the way people look at me because my extravagant style but I take it as a sign. you don't really know what those people think, it can be admiration. we'll never know so idgaf
River P.
So firstly live your life to the fullest do everything you dream of that will have a positive impact and don’t let other bring you down as they will try and ruin your journey through life but you must push past it because else your life is just sitting there .I always think like this “I want to leave this world with thousands of happy memories and moments and not all the dreams I never got to achieve because others tried to stop me “
Tobias U.
ignore it first its hurts than u don't care what people think . just tkink about whats make u happy . and also remember people always talk about u whatever u dong it is good or bad its not metter . have a nice life dear❤️
Faith Ann N.
Try and remember that who you are and what you have is for you, and whether you choose to be happy about it or not it will only affect you alone at the end of the day, so it's way better to stay positive and happy about what you have than ruin your peace or mind at the expense of someone else who has no idea what it really means to be you. Just live in the moment and don't let any negative energy cloud your chance of being happy and fulfilled by yourself.
Stella E.
By changing my behavior on my own terms. I should be my number 1 support system through this because only I truly know what I need and want out of my journey. Everyone’s goals are different so their successes will be different as well.
Brandy Y.
Honestly this is hard for me since I suffer from people pleasing. But I am working on myself, and I just need to say that do whatever you want and don't let anyone decide your life. They will think ans say something no matter what you do. Focus on you.
Angelika H.
Being grateful is hard when life doesn't always give you lemons. However I found that not caring what others think does not change anything about the life I choose to live. I can be grateful for everything I have just because it's mine. I worked for it and that fact belongs to me.
Sylvia G.
I can stay grateful by practicing gratitude everyday. Bash mentioned that her gratitude journal was really helping hey with feeling better. N it caring about what other people think also takes practice.
Jewell Z.
I focus on the unconditional love of my mother and father and enjoy the simple tasks asked of me and finally I learn something new or experience an amazing new adventure as a reward.
Johan F.
It’s not a matter of how its done its a question you have to ask your self “why in the world do i care what someone thinks about me, yet their not the one putting in the work, the consistency and determination” once you realize that you’ll stop caring about what other think of you. A strong willed person understands there’s no external force that can shake them nor internal, because they have full control of what they can control and let go of what they can’t
Mikaela N.
I feel like recognizing what your grateful for doesn’t need to be associated with what other people think. For example, you could be grateful for the compliments you received but you could also be grateful for the beautiful day/sky on your drive to work. They can but don’t have to correspond.
Beverley Z.
I think I did read a number of books about life-changeing and I witnessed that People are around you just only speak but can't influence your life by their own views so the thing you need to do is just to move on okay so then you'll be happy.
Alexandre Y.
It takes time but I believe it happens when you discover your self worth. You are not designed or to be defined of what others think of you. You know what you deserve and what makes you happy.
Mai G.
Imagine that you don't have one or two things that u are used to have, like a toe a finger a salary an apartment…you will feel gratful for each simple breathe.
Emma P.
By being grateful for the things that I love in life and be appreciate and grateful for the things in life and every day
Howard X.
I try to remember that I only have one life and that my happiness only depends on me and how I take care of my wishes and needs. Unfortunately, I do care a lot of what others think and it makes things much more difficult. But no matter what, I want to be better so I need to remind myself that others have their own fears and their bad actions are usually linked to those fears. We all have our battles and have to keep fighting.
Ces Y.
What works for me is reflection, being mindful and asking these multiple questions: How do I really feel about myself as of the moment, or in this situation? Am I happy with my decision? If not, what is that exact decision or step that I should take, which will surely make me feel great?

If I am happy with my decision, then why will I worry about others' opinions? Am I hurting them or deciding in their own expense? If so, was my decision worth the results? Which is more important for me at the moment- is it the good decision to make or is it my hesitation to hurt others' feelings?

After I honestly answer questions to myself, then I know I can stand up for myself. I can defend myself from whoever will find fault in my actions and decisions.

The secret is knowing myself deeply, and putting meaning into every task I choose to do, or even in every group I choose to be part of. Every decision for myself counts, why will I not take time and energy to reflect and be mindful about it?

Abel I.
Again its practice to not compare your life to others because there will always be people who are more privileged or less privileged than you. We should focus on our own life and the abundance that is already there. After all Gratitude attracts more reason to be grateful. As far as the matter of what others think is conceened people will judgr you and your choices. We all need to pratice more self compassion. Be appreciative of our own selves. Look at ourselves from the inside eye rather than the outside judgmental eyes. At tge end if the day we have to live with ourselves the mist and not with other. And its your life not theirs.
Leah W.
I just care about what did I miss today what I committed for today
Its just what you planned for today i checklist the things that's all just ignore the fact what others say
If you get that thought then open the checklist and see what you did today and what's remaining
Crista F.
By not paying attention to the things other people say which is difficult for me because of my life and safety I wish They weren't so nosey and intrusive its not me .
Elmer P.
I think that as long as you have a great support system and are surrounded by good friends then you can forget about other people's opinion. You know your worth, so don't try to live for others 🙂
Gunter F.
Remind yourself that you are the Hero of you're story and repeat it like a mantra, and you are capable of doing anything standing infront of you that is not letting you achieve your goals. 🤜🤛
Gus G.
It is based on few beliefs:
-I am the epicentre of their thought sea always.
– Their perception of 'me' matters more than my own perception of 'self'
– I can effectively control their perception every time, all the time.

Are they true?

You tell me.

Heather E.
You have to go within yourself and find happiness, free from distractions like social media, and realize that those platforms only paint the picture that others want us to see. You have to find a way to better yourself and be happy with yourself, like exercising and eating healthier to make yourself feel better.
Sage R.
I always think about how my life is only mine and it is my journey
No one else can understand it and fulfill it as much as I can. So I do not let others influence my thoughts, more than how much I let them. I take what I feel is better for me and my growth and ignore everything that feeds off negatively from me.
Val Ria Q.
Honey remeder that the chance of a child being born is one in a million you are that one in a million you are special and there is no one out there like you so love yourself the way you are and if any body thislikes it remember that someone else will like it just like you did
Stay happy darling
Amelia Z.
I am grateful often & hate hurting ppls feelings, yet try to remain detached, except w my friends! I look at it this way… As long as YOU are happy, why worry about what others think!! Unless of course that person is in a leadership/mentor role or in a position of power. It can be a very delicate balance. 😀
Prashant G.
It’s because you are you and others opinion will change over time. Maybe they are negative towards you today, maybe tomorrow they will be grateful for you, if they don’t, then maybe other people around you will be grateful for you, and the negative person will be able to see it and start looking at you in a different light.

You see, you are grateful to be you and your experiences let others handle their own.

Ivy Z.
You can get a gratitude journal. U can spend atleast 5minutes writing about the things u r grateful. You can write about anything even if it was a small thing.And with time u will begin to see urself becoming more and more grateful
Another thing u must realize is, no matter what kind of a person u decide to be, whether good or bad, kind or mean, people will always judge u anyways. And that's one thing that you can't control. So as long as it's smth that's not in ur control then don't give it any attention. So do what makes you happy, do what makes you smile, coz everybody's judging anyway. You must never let what other people think influence anything that brings you happiness or joy or contentment
Ashlyn N.
To stay grateful is to let others know how lucky you are to have the things you have right now. For example, if your mom gives you a present, tell me, thank you or even tell her how grateful you are to have her/that gift in your life. Not caring about what others think of you is east all you have to know is, Everyone’s just trying to live life and get through life in the easiest way. The people that are here trying to make you mad or trying to make you feel insecure are the people who are wasting their time and their life.