I find myself stopping this recently and I feel guilty about that. Any tips on how to stop guilt when I don’t do a habit?

Lexy N.
Just decide if the habit is right for you to complete today. Sometimes it’s not or you need a break. I get upset and feel I need to complete all habits to maintain a streak, but if I force myself to do something that’s not right for me that day, then it will begin to associate it with negative feelings and dread, which is the exact opposite of what you want! So as long as you aren’t skipping out TOO often, skipping a few habits shouldn’t make you feel guilty or put you off starting again!

Laura C.
When I consistently don't do a habit I analyze if its the right time to do it or if I have too much in my plate or need to let go of something that's not doing any better for me.

Ashley F.
For me reading about the science behind meditation and practicing gratitude helps to motivate me. I have a chronic illness that makes me feel guilty on a daily basis about the simple things I can't get done. I'm hoping sticking with this app helps in that part of my life too.