Do you write this down in a gratitude journal, or simply think gratitude?

Mylan I.
I have a journal I write my gratitude in. I start by writing three things I am thankful for and then reflect on my day and write whatever is on my mind.

Alisha Y.
Until now, I’ve only thought gratitude and sometimes doodled it into my journaling. Or, quickly jotted it down. I find it’s more in depth and deep in our ability to use our minds more actively, now, even in gratitude. Then, seriously start to write out the details of what it is we find ourselves grateful for, even the small details; like the beauty of the cold draft coming in from the window on the rainy nights, especially a downpour. That’s something else, or the reverberations of the church bell. Good question! The more I have been doing the journaling challenge, the easier I have been finding it to slow down and figure my own mind out and then capture the moment I find myself grateful before I forget it again! 🙂