How do you still be grateful while you are angry or disappointed?

Jaroslava I.
I Could be grateful for feelings that I have have which means that I Am Alive I also could feel them and noticed them and you can be grateful for that and did those feelings day when I show me something which I need to see or look at so actually there is is to be grateful for the wisdom which is behind it for the search and for or the ability to be able to notice it see it feel like and and go behind it it and see see the possibilities to sort this appointment for the anger to find a reason for it and this whole process is amazing and and that is something to be grateful for
Irene F.
I choose to think what I'm happy and grateful for today, rather than what I hate in today. Besides, there is still tomorrow. Even small things ypu accomplished can make you happy and grateful if you think it back. You'll feel proud of yourself. Just start small first then grew bigger. Even small actions can lead you to a great future and you'll feel grateful too. Always think positively. Positivity is a choice😘😉
Good Luck to you!
Keila P.
This is sometimes very difficult for me. My life has been disappointing lately and I knew I needed to make some changes. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt so alone. But then my elderly parents came to care for me and my sister flew here from Belgium to take care of me. I was so grateful for their love and support even though I was angry I had gotten cancer. I kept focus on the good instead of the bad and it really helped me through it all. I kept telling myself positive thoughts over negative thoughts. I now must maintain that thought process because it’s easy to revert back.