How do you show people you are grateful for them?

Frieder U.
Typically, I tell them. I know the question says show but my everyday living is a big enough tell. I always try to remember things about someone and then I use that to do something special for them.

Colleen Z.
I make the time to spend with those that I am grateful to have in my life. I make the time to lay with my kids before bed, I spend time with my husband any time he asks, and I support my family and help them when asked without hesitating.

Michael Q.
I pay attention to what they like and what they don’t like.
My thoughtfulness is welcomed. All it takes is a small but ever-so-thoughtfully chosen gift. I have to keep my gift small because I tend to go overboard and that can embarrass my friend and my
gift can risk the whole point, which is to say thank you. I have a tendency to be extravagant when a thank you card just won’t do. I
show my gratitude 🙏 by listening to what they admire in life. This can range in anything from a blueberry muffin to expensive stationary embossed with their name.

Subrata C.
By sweet gestures. Helping them in what they are doing for me.
Expressing them plainly that I'm so thankful that he or she did that.

Iwona F.
I try to figure out the love languages of the person I'm trying to express gratitude to. If I can't then I make it simple. Write them a thank you note, help them with a task, get them a small gift such as flowers or chocolate, or ask them what's one thing I can do to help make their day easier or better.