What times of the day do you stop to express gratitude?

Christa N.
Expressing gratitude has become second nature to me. I started by slowing my thoughts down and be more aware of what’s going on around me. Become more purposeful rather than reactive. I SEE people and HEAR what they have to say and FEEL the emotion that comes with it. It was hard at first but over time I realized that not everyone has a home, running water, a vast variety of food, a vehicle, a job, harsh and traumatic experience that helped me grow, adjust my perspective and have made me stronger and resilient. All of my experiences have given me a lot of opportunities to be grateful for. I truly get to live a life by design. It took a while to get here, no question,…another thing to be grateful for is the journey itself.

Riza U.
I never stop. It’s always good to show that you’re great full for everything you achieved and have been given! I found showing gratitude for every hour showed others how much I really cared

Irmela F.
I try to pay attention to my internal dialog, when I notice my thoughts are looping through an anxiety or I notice my mindset becomes rigid or negative I interrupt myself with some internal affirmations and gratitudes. I like to start with: "I love me. I am worthy of love. I am grateful for this amazing world." If I can I take a step back from the obstacle I have been laboring on and find an affirmation or gratitude about the lesson I am learning. Gratitude isn't something I do once a day, gratitide is something I rely on to help me transform any old time I'm ready to transform.

Gilian I.
I generally reflect at night as part of my evening routine. It gets me into a relaxed and joyful state of mind which helps me sleep better too.