What are you grateful for today?

Le Anne S.
I am grateful for the birds singing outside this morning, for my perfect cup of morning coffee and for my job I get to return to today.
Todd O.
I'm grateful for the wind that flows through my window, for tea I can afford to drink, for the family that helps me, for a day not steeped in sickness and complete pain. Always aware that they could be taken away from me at any moment.
Freja A.
I'm grateful especially for the time spent with my family, also for how things are going after the past hard months…
Moreover, I'm super happy for how we've been talking with Sergio.
Eva Q.
+clean water, food, roof over my head, safety, family, significant other, health, many ways to contact friends and family, air conditioning, love
Zoe T.
I'm grateful that the sun is shining and the birds are singing while I work. Having a great home has made it easier to adjust – so I'm grateful I have one
Kara U.
I am grateful for the power of my mind. I’m grateful that it can change and adapt and improve even after all of these years of habits!
M Riem Z.
All my clients showed up today for their counseling sessions; my teenager had a great day at the preserves; I worked out for the first time in forever.
Elliot Y.
I'm grateful for my parents, my kids, the new opportunities that have come my way. I'm thankful that there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Being in a dark space because of someone is refreshing when you finally get to see some light