How long do you usually write your grateful thoughts?

Eugenia M.
I try to write three things I’m grateful for or were pleasant surprises (for the day or overall) and go into detail for each one, connecting to how they make me feel. It usually doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes and it can only be three sentences or as long as I want (usually it’s only about a page long though).
Sharon O.
I take ten minutes for the exercise, play the timer when I start writing and make myself reflect through automatic writing around gratefulness. Works well for me!
Rico N.
Research with which I’m familiar states that in the morning upon waking, writing down three things for which your grateful and in the evening before you go to sleep, writing down five things from the day for which you are grateful, provide the most benefit. I try to provide that as it makes it hard to get depressed or lost in ones grief when one spends so much time in gratitude. Plus, it gives my soul hope and strengthens my faith even with all the close, heartbreaking losses I have recently endured. I find myself grateful for having known love and family and teachers and playmates and life lessons. And I find my book of gratitude goes so much longer than the pain of losing the beautiful souls who gave me the reason and purpose of the gratitude.
Ritika F.
Well from my point of view I write till I am out of thoughts of what i am greatful of and why I am greatful of these things and even if you write it too long then who is judging you write till your heart fell full of compassion and happiness that you have these things in your life which makes you who you are now write till you don’t feel that you have poured your heart out 😊
Lindsay N.
When I started I was just making a list of a few things, now I write sentences. I think writing anything is better than nothing, and it take practice to get the juices flowing.