Do you practice in the morning in order to be grateful for the day ahead, or evening in order to be thankful for what has been?

Magnus Z.
Both. When I wake up first thing I do is to be grateful for everything I have and that is a new day with everything I need. In the evening before going to bed I am grateful that I can rest comfortably after a long day and I didn't lack anything needful along the day.

Carolin Z.
In the evening, looking back at the day I am grateful for all positive things that happened to me that day. With that smile I go to sleep.

Entry Q.
Both, actually. I believe everything has a sacred duality aspect to it, and doing something in equal/opposite pairs can help create the whole. However, it could also be that belief that causes my sense of gratuity to be practiced both in day and night .. but for a simple answer – neither of those reasons. I practice it (at least) 2x because once one is "truly" grateful for an aspect of his or her life… An attitude of gratitude is just added to the personality overall; the warmth from true gratitude is not something, imo, to be taken for granted in life. Once realized… It's there for good, as long as the above stays true.

Lauren Y.
I do both. I do it first thing when I wake up to start my day on a positive and also in the evening or before I sleep to keep the positive energy going.

Catherine B.
Morning afternoon and night threw out the day evening and even overnights. I am always feeling grateful these days wether I ease into it or full fledged have the mindset. It is warming to feel more peaceful threw and threw. I am so grateful for a gift of life again and hope that others can have the lovely experience I am going threw. 💖