What helps you identify something that you should be grateful for? Where do you draw the line that stops you spending every day listing everything, and let’s you specify things that matter.

Jo F.
I tell myself if I can only keep 3 things I did or that happened, out of my day which would they be. Those are what I'm truly grateful for. They are what I wouldn't give up.
Emily N.
I think about what gave me joy or pleasure that day. Sometimes it is something simple, like a good meal. Sometimes it is something I did for someone else or what someone did for me. Or something I accomplished that days
Margit L.
Things that make my life easier or things I discover I'm taking for granted from day to day usually make my list. I try to either list one, three, or five things. Otherwise it turns into a meaningless list instead of some intentional pieces.
Jan R.
Everything matters. From having a nice meal with friends, to seeing a beautiful butterfly. All adds the same value to your life, they add happiness. And anything that adds happiness to your life is worth being grateful for ♡