Have you seen any changes in your thought patterns?

Madison F.
I just say what my heart says, and yeah I often think more on the positive side and being extra careful now in handling my thoughts and emotions properly before talking or showing them off towards others.
Suzy B.
Yes with meditation I have been more aware of my emotions and thoughts but have not yet seen a change in my thought process when approaching habits
Primitivo A.
I have noticed that I am more conscious of certain choices. I am more likely to think about and complete an action if I have the reminder from the app.
Liliosa S.
I take the time to think more about what I aim to achieve and how. I assess what I used to do versus what I need to do for the plan to work. I set more intentions on peace. Thank you
Elizabeth N.
I have noticed that I tend to think about gratitude more often throughout the day. I try to think about it when I'm feeling sad or unhappy about something. I figure that if you constantly live in a state of gratitude, then you will rarely find something you feel ungrateful for.
Rebecca P.
Yes. I have found myself being a lot more disciplined and organized in certain aspects of my life, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Lieschen E.
I have! I often thought changing habits were “all or nothing” and i would often change into a new workout routine or health routine for a week and then fall off. Now, I notice myself taking small and consistent steps to build healthy habits, and I’m seeing myself being gentle to myself in the process.
Little N.
I have. I was so full of negativity but lately I’ve been picking those broken thoughts and puzzling them back together. And everything makes more sense when I’m thinking positive. If you think it’s impossible just try it a little more. Eventually you’ll get there :))