How do you practice the habit of gratitude?

Juan O.
It's hard not to have gratitude when you think about how other people were brought into this world. If you are white, you have privilege. If you are rich, you have access. If you don't perceive yourself as rich, then compare yourself to someone who clearly has less than you. If you are educated, you like a lot of ignorance that other people have. That means you have the capability to find gratitude and everything that you do. There's always something that you can have gratitude for and you can find that something everyday. If you get into the habit of practice in the art of looking for those things, it starts to come naturally. You don't necessarily see the world is peaches and roses, but you know that it could be worse and there are a lot of people who have a lot less than you and are happy to get up every morning.

Kathryn S.
I practice the habit of gratitude daily. When I wake up, I thank my body for waking up. I thank my dogs for being there and I thank the universe for whimsy.

When I’m down, which is quite a bit lately, I appreciate who i was at my worst and thank mysef for not giving up. I also appreciate the person I am now and appreciate the signs my body gives me. I try not to fight them and give my body and mind and spirit what they need. I also thank my husband everyday for something to let him know he matters to me.

Su F.
I write down all the things that I am grateful for. The best would be to pause and allow myself to feel gratitudw as I write it, but I don't do it always.

Drago F.
I try to be grateful with the simple things in life, like a walk with my dogs, a song that I can sing, a hug to my family and friends, I’m alive, I breathe, e laugh, and that’s very grateful

Aleksej U.
I actually have a notebook a bought a while ago, so now I use it to write down my gratefulness, it’s really a good way, I like looking back to what a wrote before if I don’t want to write anything. Just make sure to feel pleased when you do that.