When is a better time for a practice: morning or evening?

Marlo N.
It will help if you do it when you wake up and before you sleep. Wake up meditate on your plans and before sleeping meditate on your actions done.
Sally Q.
Depends on each person. Some needs to get up and motivate through a practice of something that energizes them. Some folks are ready to go right away but need practice of something that settles them down. I actually like to practice yoga in the middle of the day when I'm awake and energized but not exhausted yet.
L Onie N.
Definitely morning is better because in morning I have highest energy level and potential to do work. In morning, I am motivated to do everything and I always want to make my day great. And it all starts with energetic morning
Val K.
I think it depends on the person you are, and when you feel most motivated and having the hope of moving forward in energy and love.
Emma C.
If you do not work in the evening then why not do the practice in the morning? The satisfaction of achieving something can lead you to a productive morning