What do you think about gratitude to every problem you have been through?

Nadya Q.
Gratitude and happiness are a packet. So if you want to be happy, try to see your problems as something you can be grateful of. Even though I know thats not always easy.

Sinan T.
Gratitude is somethin that I neglect in life generally. I dont appreciate the good moments let alone take gratitude in problems or obstacles

Hannah C.
I feel like everything happens for a reason so there must be a reason why every problem happens. Every problem that I went through is always a lesson for me so I'm greatful for every problem I have gone through because it will always be a big life lesson for me.

Irma J.
Meditation is not for him and don't worry about what he thinks. Go into another room and focus on yourself. If you tell him this helps you which means it also benefits your relationship he will not judge you and will support you. If not, he's not for you. Don't bend to fit someone else. Bend to fit for you. You come first!

Sarah N.
Problems serve to shape us. Sometimes a problem can turn into a better path ahead that we hadn’t anticipated. Sometimes it teaches us to do things differently in the future. Sometimes it just makes us stronger and more resilient. Problems can also enhance our future sense of well being as we can appreciate when things are going well. I believe a life without problems, creates a life with many meaningless ones anyway as humans we search out problems when things are too calm anyway!

Gloria N.
For every problem theres a solution. For every negative theres a positive. Nothing last forever, so we have to enjoy it and be grateful for it while it's still available. We don't know the value of things until we can't have it or it's no longer available to us. So we have to enjoy, embrace, trust the process and be grateful for all the good and bad lessons given or shown.

Erdogan U.
At the moment when something bad happens, I feel really bad about it. But afterwards, I am thankful because that problem and dealing with it made me who I am today. They made me learn from my past mistakes and prevent me from making mistakes in the future.

Mikkel Z.
Every thing has a reason ,so may be my problems will give me the best lesson of life .That will play role in my success . I think about changes that came after any problem and note down ,so i use them in later life

Bet Nia Q.
Getting started is the key. Even though you are not feeling it, you’ll be happy you did it anyways, when you are finished.

Amanda P.
Gratitude is important because you need to be thankful for coming through the situation and not crumbling. I’ve always been grateful to come through a situation

Lilit U.
in my opinion gratitude is one of the most important things in the world and you should be grateful even for your problems because many people have got enormous problems and yours is nothing for them

Johnny P.
If I’m understanding the question correctly, the idea is being grateful for all the challenges that I have ever faced in my life. I think there is something to be said for approaching life’s challenges as valuable lessons. Personally, in evaluating the problems I’ve been through, it may not always be realistic for me to expect to feel the warmth I associate with gratitude. But I can honor the lessons in these experiences and be grateful for what I have learned.

Travis P.
My problem is with this question that does not make any sense grammatically and I’m grateful that I don’t need to answer it.

Ubaldo A.
I think that everything happens for a reason. So we have to be grateful for everything even the bad moment because we are learning something.

Robert U.
I will never be grateful for the problem but, I will always be grateful towards myself for doing what I thought was best at the moment and mustering the strength to endure it.

Ava X.
I offer gratitude to every problem I've encountered in my life, because each one has helped me grow. It may not have felt like it at the time, but every bump along the road has been a learning experience, some that have made me feel like I'd hit rock bottom, but each time, I've pulled myself out. It's taught me that despite everything, I am a survivor, and I am so grateful for that.

Amy P.
It’s hard to be grateful for the hard times in your life. But it’s important to remember that the hard times are leading to something better. It’s important to practice the skill of being grateful generally. I myself am a negative-thinking person, and I work to change that. I often forget to try to be grateful that the hard time will pass.

Katrina F.
I think of everything that I already have. Every problem has a solution and the journey to the solution is a process to grow from.

Kiarie U.
It helps to remember to be thankful for everything that you have and it helps to remember that there are good things out there.

Ana Maria Q.
I prefer to focus on the positive things in my life (the kind that make me smile when it happens), but I do like the idea of shining light on the good in bad.

Ina Z.
“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” 🙂 Each problem as an opportunity to learn something new like patience. Be grateful as with each problem you solve you gain an understanding to help you avoid similar problems in future.

Jenica Q.
Hi there! First and foremost, never consider anything as a problem. See it as a blessing for you to grow with. Don't drown yourself with the idealism of problems consuming the inner you. Put into your mind that there is no such thing as a problem. Just be and feel grateful in every step of the way then you will realize you have already overcome those supposed to be dilemmas during your journey. Always put a smile and say nice words every day, Gratitude will come all the way 🙂

Igor Z.
Being grateful for everything that happens with us is a great way of reminding that we're living this life for a purpose. Maybe this purpose is not yet fully understood, maybe it it changes with time. Time is our most precious blessing, being grateful even with our problems is a simple way to tell ourselves that they'll be gone, solved or faded in due time and we'll have learned a lot from the challenges.

Talia E.
I think that even when you are in the worst parts of your life or if you’ve had the worst days ever, there’s always something to be grateful for

Lke N.
What? I do not understand the question. Am I asked to be gratefyl towards problems I overcame, or am I asked to evaluate on the notion of having gratitude towards problems that I somehow overcame. Needs clarification for people who aren't native speakers of this language, ie me. Sorry

In S I.
To see and feel gratitude in every problem, you have to understand that humans are always learning and that experience made you see and feel things that you can understand by different perspectives. But you couldn’t, until now ☺️

Atiqa V.
I think when we are in our difficult times,we are hopeless and tired of the situation,but we forget that we have slot of other things which others only wish off,we need to be grateful to our "Almighty Allah" that he has give us so much which we have not imagined off,more than which we deserve. So,be thankful to every little beautiful moment and blessings we have in our life. This habit makes us more content and more confident. The quality of our life is dramatically changed.

Liva W.
I grew up in a special education program. I had to work extra hard, was told that I was dumb and fat and have a shape and a myriad of other really nasty things. My parents didn't think that I would pass high School.
I am now 2/3 the way down with my master's program. I'm working on my 6th year as a teacher, I bought a house before I was 30 I have a good car.
Every situation has horrific hardships, but with those come an opportunity to learn and grow. I think that it's very privileged to be able to have the time to focus on the growth aspect. People who are in constant turmoil and trauma are in a fight or flight all the time. Studies show that if you even try and think about gratitude everyday it builds better brain connectivity for the positive. There's analogies podcast about it. It's okay to think about both, but I challenge you. And myself. To reflect back or reframe and consider how you could be growing, what you could be learning, what the future you or me will do better with next time because of this hardship.

Georgia X.
I think it is very appropriate. Every problem is an opportunity to learn. To grow. I have been making a conscious effort to be more grateful in my life, especially towards the trying and painful times. Not only can these times be used as a teaching moments, but they also serve to allow me to become acutely aware of how fabulous the good times are. And I am able to savor every good moment more because I recognize how fleeting they are.

Andrey Q.
Gratitude to every problem. I guess it's hindsight for me. Not understanding how the problem was going to shape my life. After the fear and anxiety and all the negative feelings had passed, I could later see the reason why the problem arrisedd.. also I could see my part in the creation of the problem. Without all the problems I have gone through I would not be the person I am today.

Mohamed N.
As a firm believer gratitude is MUST for me for the things that I do have and how far I come. I'm here for a purpose and whatever it takes me to fulfill my purpose I have to acknowledge the gratitude and blessings that I do have. It releases the burden and it allows me to see clearly when things are not that clear.

Denie Z.
I am grateful for what has made me who I am today because this is the me I love. Life has been really difficult, but I have been blessed with a phenomenal life partner and gained so much wisdom from each challenge and difficulty I have faced.

Salwa M.
Every problem poses a challenge and every challenge poses an opportunity to problem solve and reflect on my ideas actions and thoughts.

Carina N.
The issues we face make us who you are. Embrace and love who you are, and it will bring you to be thankful for the hardships you've faced. Each one of them has tailored who you are.

Stephen P.
All the problems I had made me the person I am now, the best version of myself. I’m immensely grateful for everything that happened in my life

Johan P.
The practice of gratitude helped me focus on wmthw things I used to take for granted. Gratitude helps you feel better even in your worst days.

Nick G.