I feel like I am stuck in a rut of repeating what I am grateful for. How can I change my views to see other things I’m grateful for?

Rafael U.
It's a good question. Maby try to do something new every day, something what is not easy, but when you'll manage it, you'll be grateful and happy for that. Or just help someone. It's always good move. 😉
Kiley N.
i just try to think about specifics of my day. so instead of saying, “i’m grateful for food”, i would say, “i’m grateful for a yummy meal at in-n-out” or “i enjoyed the french fries and burger i ate today”. just be more specific so it doesn’t feel like you’re repeating yourself:)
Cheyenne Q.
I'm grateful for my boyfriend for tolerating me, my rabbits, the roof over my head, this app, having government assistance during covid-19, living in Canada, having my health, being able to afford getting my hair dyed, my friends, my parents for giving me flowers and revolution.
Lawrence T.
Start Small. See details. For example, be grateful for the sun shining in your window, the warm breeze, the hug from a friend or family, the fact you woke up that day.