How do you find new things to be grateful for? Does it influence what you do during your day?

Eleanor B.
Start with the things you can see around you; your clothes, the bed, your house/apartment, and then think of the people in your life. It is very easy to remember everything that hurts you, or things that others have done (intentionally or unintentionally) to upset you. But remembering these things doesn't change them or the situation, and keeps you feeling terrible. Think of one kindness that a person has done , then another. Think of many for different people. I tend to move from focusing on people's actions to the feeling that I get – gratitude itself, or love. And once I have filled up with enough good memories I am able to focus on just the feeling and expand it inside me. Try closing your eyes, and expanding the feeling with each inhale, and imagining it moves through you and around you with each exhale. Then, you will look at the world and it will be easy to feel all the good, and have more good memories come back to you. It will be so much less pleasant to dwell on and focus on pain when you're great ful 🙂 hope this helps good luck!

Ivanna P.
Sometimes, my day is just a normal day and i’m like “Nothing special happened today” and then i think, we’ll that’s true, but i’m alive, i’m healthy, i have a house and a family and then i know that even tho i don’t have new reasons to me grateful i have the old ones and that works.

Caroline Z.
For me it does not influence what I do during the day, in fact the very first thing I do when I wake up is saying thanks for having a new day, a new opportunity to live, i give thanks for what I have… I have health, I can see, I can breath, I can talk, I can walk, I can think, I can speak, no me very body can do those things so I’m very grateful I can do all (basic) things that we take for granted. Also, look around you, I say thanks for my bed, my pillow, my blanket, the water I drink and the water I have to rake a bath, just look around, you can give thanks for every si gel thing you have in live. As long as we are alive there is always something to be grateful for. In my case, I give thanks all the time: for the people in my life (the permanent ones an the temporary ones), for the food I eat, for all the experiences, my possessions, and for my current situation no matter how it is!

Dandrea F.
Finding new things to be grateful for everday is great. Make sure to also remain grateful for the things that don't change. Things like shelter, food, health, friends, family.

Jakob F.
This is a challenge that I’m working through. I don’t actively change what I do with the goal of being grateful about it. At the end of my day I’ll write the first thing that comes to mind; if that thing is making toast, then I’ll write that I’m grateful for making toast. Over time, by using that method, I’ve discovered the things that I am truly grateful for, and that is when this exercise has been most helpful for me!

Sohan T.
Yes, certainly. I am grateful for everything happening in my life. I am grateful for each breathe I take in and out. Practicing it gives me peace and motivates me through the whole day

Zargy M.
There are always new things to be grateful for everyday. It doesn’t have to be a big thing that you’re thankful for to someone or to a situation. It can be in the little things too—a smile you received by a person at work, a nice conversation you initiated with a neighbor. Sure you can intentionally do something that you know you’ll be thankful for later.

At the end of the day, you find some quiet time with yourself so you can reflect. Recall and relive the day in your mind, from morning until evening—what did you do, what happened in your day? If you had a bad day, let it go and focus instead on the good things that day. This is a habit and actually a skill that will take some time to practice in order for it to develop so hang in there and just keep at it every day. Good luck!

Grace J.
Being grateful for me is more of an observation of events that have happened that I can be thankful for.

I tend to look for the smaller things that can easily go unnoticed otherwise and I don’t worry if it’s something new or not, only if it happened that day.

The only change this has to my day is now I’m a little more in tune with noticing things to be grateful for as they happen as opposed to getting to the end of the day and finding it hard to think of the things to be grateful for.

Heinz Wilhelm U.
Every situation or person we encounter could be a time to reflect on how grateful we are for that person in our life the situation that makes us stronger and better throughout our day or in our moments to be present and thankful for what we have in our gifts and our blessings to experience new opportunities challenges to create a amazing day to go throughout the day with love and joy and share that with one another gratitude is something I hold dear in my heart that always comes back to everything I do being appreciative

Danielle T.
I typically think about how much worse things could be compared to what my reality is. This helps me to find things to be grateful for each day as I realize things aren't really as bad as it seems. It does influence how I begin to look at my day and the events that occur. I tend to have less tendency to feel frustrated.

Buffy T.
Think of all the little things. We currently have a new song bird visiting our garden and I'm grateful for it. But even someone smiling back when you smile is something to be grateful for.